Palestine in Australian politics 2011

Collection of statements on Palestine and Israel from the Hansard record of the Australian Federal Parliament.

21 November 2011, Senator Bob Brown (Greens, TAS), Senator Stephen Conroy (ALP, VIC) – Responses to trade questions raised 08/09/2011 regarding labelling of goods from Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories

21 November 2011, Kevin Rudd MP (ALP, QLD)
Letter regarding petition submitted 22/08/2011

21 November 2011 – Tabling of public petition calling on Australia to recognise Palestine as a state (signed by 70 citizens)

2 November 2011, Gaza: ‘Women Die Waiting’ campaign by Anglicord
Melissa Parke MP (ALP, WA)Speech supporting the Anglicord campaign
plus Joint Motion in the Senate by Senator Lee Rhiannon (Greens,NSW), Senator Michaelia Cash (Lib., WA), Senator Claire Moore (ALP, QLD)

31 October 2011, House: Members speak on BDS
Julie Bishop MP (Lib., WA) – Motion condemning BDS campaign
Michael Danby MP (ALP, VIC)BDS and unilateral statehood bid “undermine negotiations”
Kelly O’Dwyer MP (Lib., VIC)Condemns BDS campaign
Shayne Neumann MP (ALP, QLD)BDS is “about demonising and vilifying Israel
Paul Fletcher MP (Lib., NSW)Condemns BDS as “anti-Semitic”
John Murphy MP (ALP, NSW)“Boycotts have a long tradition over the centuries”

31 October 2011 – Tabling of public petition calling on Australia to recognise Palestine as a state (signed by 1,384 citizens)

13 October 2011, Maria Vamvakinou MP (ALP, VIC)
Parliamentary speech regarding breast cancer in Gaza, and statehood bid

12 October 2011, Senator Doug Cameron (ALP, NSW)
Matters of Public Interest: Palestine and Israel

22 September 2011, Julie Bishop MP (Lib., WA), Julia Gillard MP (ALP, VIC)
Question regarding Australia’s position on Palestine statehood bid at UN

21 September 2011, Alexander Hawke MP (Lib., NSW)
Speech stating objection to BDS campaign

20 September 2011, Senator Stephen Conroy (ALP, VIC)
Further answers re Palestine statehood bid at UN

19 September 2011, Sussan Ley MP (Lib., NSW)
Parliamentary speech supporting Palestinian statehood bid

19 September 2011, Senator Bob Brown (Greens, TAS), Senator Stephen Conroy (ALP, VIC)Re Australia’s position in UN regarding Palestine Statehood bid

15 September, 2011, Melissa Parke MP (ALP, WA)
Parliamentary speech supporting Palestinian statehood bid

13 September 2011, Senate: Speeches to BDS Motion
Senator Eric Abetz (Lib., TAS)Move to condemn Australian Greens BDS support
Senator Bob Brown (Greens, TAS) – Speech re “disgraceful debasement [and]… diversion of debate”
Senator Ron Boswell (Nat., QLD) Call for “Greens should be censured for the racist, anti-Semitic carryings-on…”
Senator Joe Ludwig (ALP, QLD)Re language of BDS and disruption of process
Senator Mitchell Fifield (Lib., VIC)BDS campaign is part of an orchestrated campaign to delegitimise the state of Israel.”
Senator Christine Milne (Greens, TAS)Reminds Senate that ACCC judgement that protests were not a case of secondary boycott
(See ACCC, 02/09/2011: “Recent anti-Israel protests not secondary boycott”)

13 September 2011, Senate: Amendment to Motion re BDS
Senator Ron Boswell (Nat., QLD) – “Max Brenner protests may be counter-productive to peace and human rights in the Middle East”
Senator Bob Brown (Greens, TAS)Response amendment
Senator Ron Boswell (Nat., QLD) – Response amendment to condemn BDS campaign
Senator Eric Abetz (Lib., TAS) – Moves motion to condemn Australian Greens for not condemning the BDS campaign

22 August 2011, Maria Vamvakinou MP (ALP, VIC)
Presentation of petition supporting Palestinian statehood bid in the UN
(Click here for APAN’s involvement)

17 August 2011, Senator Eric Abetz (Lib., TAS)
Regarding ALP “failure to strongly oppose the BDS camp­aign”

16 August 2011, Senator Bob Brown (Greens, TAS), Senator Stephen Conroy (ALP, VIC)Regarding Australia’s voting intentions in the UN in relation to the Palestinian bid for Statehood

6 July 2011, Senator Scott Ryan (Lib., VIC)
Matters of Public Interest: Gaza flotilla, BDS, Israel

5 July 2011, Senate Motion & vote re Marrickville Council BDS call
Senator Ron Boswell (Nat., QLD)Motion: to condemn BDS call by Marrickville Council
Senator Bob Brown (Greens, TAS)Amendment: rights of the people of Palestine and Israel to live together as self-governing states based on the 1967 borders
Senator Nick Xenophon (Ind., SA)Amendment noting “detrimental effect” of Gaza blockade

4 July 2011, Maria Vamvakinou MP (ALP, VIC)
Grievance Debate: Women’s health in West Bank and Gaza

21 June 2011, Senator Michael Forshaw (ALP, NSW)
Last speech in Senate referring to Palestine and Israel

23 May 2011, Private Members’ Business – Israel
(these statements refer to the BDS call by Marrickville Council)
Julie Bishop MP (Lib., WA)Motion: support for Israel & concern for boycott calls
Maria Vamvakinou MP (ALP, VIC)Rights of Palestinian people
Christopher Pyne MP (Lib., SA)Condemns support for BDS campaign
Shayne Neumann MP (ALP, QLD)Rejects the “stupidity” of the boycott call
Michael Keenan MP (Lib., WA)Support for Israel
Michael Danby MP (ALP, VIC)Support for Israel & against “crazy” Greens policies

30 May, 2011, Jill Hall MP (ALP, NSW)
Report on trip to Palestine: the occupation must end

11 May 2011, Senate Motion & discussion re Israel & boycott resolutions
Senator Eric Abetz (Lib., TAS)Moves the motion re support for Israel & denouncing support for BDS
Senator Joe Ludwig (ALP, QLD)Expresses opposition to boycott calls
Senator Nick Xenophon (Ind., SA)Moves to amend motion re Gaza blockade
Senator Michael Forshaw (ALP, NSW)States “totally opposed to BDS”
Senator Bob Brown (Greens, TAS)Calls for “full and open debate”

11 May 2011, Senator Bob Brown (Greens, TAS)
For support of the rights of Palestinian and Israeli people to live in peace

23 March 2011, Senator Mitchell Fifield (Lib., VIC)
Denouncing boycott motions of Marrickville Council

9 February 2011, Senator Doug Cameron (ALP, NSW)
Speech on “the need for justice and self-determination in Palestine”

12 May 2010, Senator Claire Moore (ALP, QLD)
Report on trip to Palestine: settlements, separation wall, water are all major problems