Palestine in Australian politics 2013

Collection of statements on Palestine and Israel from the Hansard record of the Australian Federal Parliament.

Senator Christine Milne9 December 2013, Senate: Senator Christine Milne (Greens, TAS) – moved a Motion calling on the Government to regarding illegal Israeli settlements.
“…calls on the Prime Minister, Mr Abbott, to ensure Australia in future supports UN resolutions that identify illegal Israeli settlements as a major roadblock to peace in the Middle East.”
> response from Senator Claire Moore (ALP, QLD).


Melissa Parke MP4 December 2013, House of Representatives: Melissa Parke MP (ALP, WA) – speech regarding Australia’s position on Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
“It is a matter of enormous concern that the Australian government has recently, without notice to the Australian community, changed our country’s voting position in the UN General Assembly on resolutions relating to the illegality under international law of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the applicability of the Geneva conventions.”

Senator Lee Rhiannon3 December 2013, Senate: Senator Lee Rhiannon (Greens, NSW) – speech regarding Australia’s military trade with Israel.
“Are we and our government turning a blind eye to a state acting in contravention of international law, according to the United Nations, with impunity?…Together with increasing numbers of civil society organisations, it is time more of us raised our voices in support of the growing call for peace and justice in Palestine . A small but significant step towards peace and justice for Palestine is for Australia to cease military cooperation and trade with Israel.”

18 June 2013, Senate: Senator Helen Kroger (ALP, NSW) – moved a Motion claiming the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign to be anti-semitic under the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism.
“I, and on behalf of Senators Abetz, Birmingham, Payne, Ronaldson and Smith, move: That the Senate— …(d) affirms that antisemitic prejudice, rhetoric and hate campaigns, such as the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions campaign, utterly contradict the democratic values Australian society and the Parliament hold dear.”

> Response from Senator Rachel Siewert (Greens, WA) – opposed the Motion.
“While the Australian Greens do not and have not supported the BDS campaign, we also do not believe the motion accurately reflects the campaign.”

27 May 2013, House of Representatives: John Murphy (ALP, NSW) – tabled Ministerial response from Foreign Minister Bob Carr (ALP, NSW) to petitions previously presented to the House, regarding Australia’s vote on recognition of Palestine statehood at the United Nations.

14 May 2013, House of Representatives: Response to Questions in Writing regarding Israeli settlements on the West Bank – Julie Bishop MP (Lib., WA), Craig Emerson MP (ALP, QLD).

12 April 2013, House of Representatives: Standing Committee on Petitions – APAN Executive members David Forde and Wendy Turner present to the Petition on supporting the recognition of Palestine as a Non-Member UN State.

Graham Perrett MP18 March 2013, House of Representatives: Graham Perrett MP (ALP, QLD) – speech in support of APAN.

6 February 2013, House of Representatives: Graham Perrett MP (ALP, QLD) – presents a petition calling on Government to recognise Palestine as a non-Member State at the United Nations; petition signed by 1,270 citizens.

26 February 2013, Senate: Senator Lee Rhiannon (Greens, NSW) – speech regarding her recent trip to Palestine, talking about the importance of Australian aid and including call for further support for Susiya.

5 February 2013, House of Representatives: Questions Without Notice discussion about illegality of Israeli settlements under international law – Julie Bishop MP (Lib., WA), Anthony Albanese MP (ALP, NSW), Christopher Pyne MP (Lib., SA).

Acronyms of Australian politics:
ALP – Australian Labor Party
Greens – Australian Greens
Lib. – Liberal Party
Nat. – Nationals Party
FF – Family First Party
Ind. – Independent politician not affiliated with a party