APAN supports Palestinians citizens of Israel

The 30th January 2016 was marked around the world as a Day of Solidarity for Palestinian citizens of Israel.  The day was called by Palestinian civic organisations within Israel after the Israeli Prime Minister stated he would send more law enforcement into their communities.

Palestinian citizens of Israel already live with a system of clear cultural and institutional  discrimination.  For example, a Committee on Arab Education inside Israel found in 2005 that Israel spent an average of $192 a year on Palestinian students compared with $1,100 for Jewish students. Read more.

APAN responded to the call by writing to the Israeli Ambassador in Australia.  In the letter, Bishop Browning says:

Israel non Jews have very different laws that apply to them, laws that at one level are simply irritating and at another are discriminatory and humiliating. You would know for example that a non Jew is not free to buy land or build a house in the municipality they chose, not even where historical precedents are proven, if it does not suit Israeli authorities.

More than 50% of Jewish Israeli citizens recognise that there is an institutional culture of racism against Palestinian citizens amongst Israel’s Jewish population. This manifests in institutional politics, personal attitudes, media coverage, education, access to health, immigration rights, housing, social life and legal practices.

…such practices cannot be tolerated by any country that wants to be a respected member of the international community..