Overview of candidate responses to I Vote Palestine campaign

Emails have been sent out from over 90% of electorates in the country,  ensuring that nearly every candidate in this election knows that Australian policy regarding Palestine matters to many, many Australians.

From emails forwarded from you all, we have now had seen responses from over 10% of the candidates standing in this federal election.   We have had many responses from Labor and Green candidates, and 15 from the coalition (Liberal/National) candidates have responded.  Of the 58 candidates who have signed the pledge – there have been 45 Greens, eight Labor, two Socialist Alliance, and one from the Nick Xenophon Team, the Australian Defence Veterans Party and the Animal Justice Party. We have also had varying responses from the Derryn Hinch Justice Party, the Sex Party, mostly very negative responses from the Christian Democratic party, and very negative responses from the Australian Liberty Alliance.   Check out all the individual responses.

One clear thing from the responses is that while political parties have policies (some which are better than others on Palestine), every party is made up of individual candidates, who all have different views. It is our job to continue to engage with all candidates so we can advocate for positive policy change in all Parties.

Please act today!