Events commemorating 69th anniversary of Al Nakba

On May 15, Palestinians commemorate the Nakba, the catastrophe, where in 1947-48, during the establishment of Israel hundreds of thousands of Palestinians lost their homes, their land and many their lives through a deliberate ethnic cleansing plan executed by Jewish militia.

Many of those displaced Palestinians are still stateless refugees in neighboring countries living under terribly difficult circumstances. This day of remembrance helps to honor those who died and renew the commitment to continue the fight for restitution and self determination.

Candlelight vigil and speakout
12 May, 6pm, State Library

Resistance is Remembrance- Al Nakba 1948
13 May, 6pm, Bankstown Library

15 May, 6.30pm, Sydney Town Hall


Protest rally and march
15 May, 5pm, King George Square


Nakba Day Commemoration
21 May, 5-6.30pm
Palestinian Embassy, 2/44 Dalman Cres, O’Malley


Palestinian Cultural Day
21 May, 1pm, Burnside Community Centre