APAN stands with Issa Amro

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) expresses its deep concern about the arrest of Issa Amro following his criticism of the Palestinian authorities on Facebook.  

Amnesty International has called the arrest a “shameless attack on freedom of expression”. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Office has expressed its concern and said it will be monitoring the case, stating it is vital for citizens to have uninhibited expression regarding public figures. 

We are deeply concerned that Issa’s arrest is part of pattern of repression of dissent within Occupied Palestine. APAN is looking forward to a pluralistic and free Palestine which must include the capacity for citizens, journalists and advocates to analyse and critique political processes and systems.   

We support the rights of individuals and organisations to protest against restrictions on freedom of speech and human rights violations such as the work of Issa Amro and Youth Against Settlements in Hebron.  Their work demonstrates the effects of Israel’s military occupation, and the disastrous effects of Israeli settlements on Palestinians. 

We call on the Palestinian authorities to immediately release Issa. 

We encourage people to sign the petition hosted by Youth Against Settlements.