Ruled by law? Military Court Watch speakers in Australia

From 13-23 August 2018, in Partnership with MIAT and the Wallace Foundation, APAN hosted and supported a speaking tour with the founders of Military Court Watch, Salwa Duaibis and Gerard Horton. They discussed their work in the brutal system of Israeli military courts, especially relating to the imprisonment of Palestinian children. Check out the some photos from the event and the video of their Melbourne talk below!

Military Court Watch is an organisation founded by lawyers and other professionals based on the principles of the rule of law.  Concerned that Palestinian children living under Israeli military law are not afforded their rights and protections under international law, Military Court Watch litigates, advocates and educates for these rights.

Gerard Horton is an Australian lawyer who has worked for over a decade representing and advocating for Palestinians living under military law.

Salwa Duaibis is a Palestinian human rights advocate who has worked for decades for the rights of women and children in the West Bank.

Salwa and Gerard were part of the Four Corners Walkley winning documentary Stone Cold Justice (recording available here). An interview with Salwa and Gerard about their work is available here.