Palestinian films – don’t miss out!

Exciting news for film lovers – there is currently a wonderful mix of Palestinian films on offer – both to watch at the cinema or to stream at home.

And dates announced for the 10th Australian Palestinian Film Festival 23 Oct -10 Nov

In Cinemas

The reports on Sarah and Saleem
From 25 May, Palace cinemas nationally
Sarah is Israeli and runs a café in West Jerusalem. Saleem is a Palestinian delivery man from East Jerusalem. Despite being worlds apart, Sarah and Saleem risk everything as they embark on an illicit affair with potentially catastrophic consequences.

To watch at home

Australian Content: From under the Rubble
A documentary by Australian filmmaker Anne Tsoulis, focusing upon the Samouni family in Gaza, a powerful civilian perspective on the impact of Israeli armed forces in Gaza.  “This is an extremely important film and impressive work.   I urge everyone to watch it.”  Dr Mads Gilbert

*also available for DVD purchase

Australian Content: As it happened, ongoing stories of The Nakba
Debut film by Sara Aurorae, it documents four Palestinian students from Alrowwad Arts and Cultural Centre who, along with retired Australian drama teacher Ray Goodlass, create a series of small plays about their own personal experiences with the Nakba in the Occupied Territories of Palestine. Both heartbreaking and hilarious, this small documentary has been nominated for several awards.


A Rock and a Hard Place: What is it like to live In Jerusalem?
Al Jazeera Documentary
Jerusalemites of three faiths share their life stories and thoughts on the city’s past, present and future in this two-part documentary series.

3000 Nights
SBS On-demand
A young Palestinian schoolteacher gives birth to her son in an Israeli prison where she fights to protect him, survive and maintain hope.

When I saw you
SBS On-demand
Together with his mother, Tarek (11) has to flee from Palestine to Jordan. Having been separated from his beloved father in the chaos of war, Tarek has difficulties adjusting to life in a refugee camp between thousands of tents and prefab houses. Tarek decides to leave the camp on his own account and to look for his father.

Junction 48
SBS On-Demand
Set against a backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinian rapper Kareem and his singer girlfriend Manar struggle, love and make music in their crime-ridden ghetto and Tel Aviv’s hip-hop club scene.

SBS On-Demand

A male giraffe dies after a nocturnal air raid in a Palestinian zoo. The female giraffe stops eating. A boy and his father, the veterinary of the zoo, look for a solution.