Dr Abu Sitta in Australia & NZ

Dr. Salman Abu Sitta is the founder and President of the Palestine Land Society, and has published the comprehensive Atlas of Palestine – showing the Palestinian landscape before 1948. Dr Abu Sitta is a survivor of the Palestinian Nakba and has a powerful personal story.

ADELAIDE: 5 October, 5.30pm
Edward Said Memorial Lecture: The right of return is the only key for peace,

MELBOURNE: 7 October, 6pm
Palestinian Right of Return – An empty promise or real possibility?

SYDNEY: 9 October, 6.45pm
BDS for the Right of Return – Why?

CANBERRA: 14 Oct, 6.45pm
The Key for Peace in Palestine and Israel: The Right of Return

AUCKLAND: 17 Oct, 7pm
University of Auckland

Dr Abu Sitta’s tour is hosted by the Australian Friends of Palestine Association.