Standing against Israeli annexation

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israeli intended to begin Annexation of the West Bank as early as 1 July 2020.

APAN supported Australians to call for Australian political leaders to join global condemnations. Click here to email the Foreign Minister calling for her to act against any annexation.

Australian political leaders were slow to issue statements of condemnation, and were not strong globally.

The Australian Greens called for sanctions on 26 June and Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former Liberal leader John Hewson both called for Australian action.

The opposition released a statement on June 30, and the Foreign Minister a media release on July 1.

Voices calling on Israel to cease its annexation plans include UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, NZ Foreign Minister Winston Peters, the UN Secretary General, over 1000 European parliamentarians, and 47 UN experts.

In Australia, the National Council of Churches, Jewish community groups and Jewish Youth Groups, former Ambassador to Israel, and thousands of individuals have called for action.

For more background, click here for APAN’s Annexation Factsheet.