APAN is a national coalition harnessing the passion of Australians for Palestinian human rights, justice, and equality

I Vote Palestine

The 2022 Australian Federal Election

Release Mohammed El Halabi!

More than six years ago, Israel arrested humanitarian hero Mohammed El Halabi, accusing him of diverting $50 million in aid money to Hamas.  Despite more than 160 court hearings and relentless interrogations, the Israeli prosecution has failed to provide any evidence for the charges.  Mohammed must be unconditionally and immediately released.

Understanding Israel’s Apartheid

Understanding Israel’s Apartheid

Amnesty International, in partnership with The Australian Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) continues the conversation on Israel’s system of apartheid. Join us for this important conversation on Wednesday 25th May at 7.30pm AEDT

Friends of Hebron Trivia with a Cause

Friends of Hebron Trivia with a Cause

It’s been a long time between quiz sets, so start brushing up on your general knowledge to help Friends of Hebron support wages for two teachers in the Huda kindergarten (South Hebron Hills) and the Dkaika School Transport project.

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Melbourne University needs a lesson in tolerance

In an opinion piece for The Hobart Mercury, Hobart Barrister, and human rights lawyer, Greg Barns, argues Melbourne University was wrong to label its student union as “antisemitic” after passing a motion in support of Palestinian human rights, and should instead be supporting the movement to end injustices against Palestinians.

“One would expect Australia’s second-oldest university to cherish freedom of speech and thought. But not always, it seems, and certainly not when it comes to Palestine.

“So why did Melbourne University feel the need to slur its students’ union with the label “anti-Semitic”? Perhaps it doesn’t understand that to criticise Israeli policies towards the Palestinians… is legitimate.

“All nations can be criticised for their policies and actions. Israel should never be the exception.”

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Israeli court paves way for mass Palestinian evictions

After a two-decade legal battle, Israel’s high court has ruled that about 1,000 Palestinians can be evicted from an area of the West Bank and the land repurposed for Israeli military use, in one of the single biggest expulsion decisions since the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories began in 1967.

The designated area of Masafer Yatta is home to several Palestinian villages, and is under full Israeli control. According to the Geneva conventions pertaining to humanitarian treatment in war, it is illegal to expropriate occupied land for purposes that do not benefit the people living there, or to forcibly transfer the local population.

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Soldiers arresting Palestinians

Families in Gaza still grieve a year after Israeli attack

At the one-year anniversary of the May 2021 Israeli bombing of Gaza, which saw 261 people killed (including 67 children), and more than 16,000 homes destroyed or damaged, families are still recovering, and mourning their loved ones lost during the attack.

“Although a year has passed since that day, my two sons and I – who were in the house – have not overcome that night when our house was bombed without warning.

“We, the people of the Gaza Strip, get used to all these pains, but no one speaks for us.”

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