Palestine and Australian politics

Background context: extracts of speech by Ross Burns, Australian Ambassador to Israel 2001-2003

Palestine in the Australian Parliament

30 November 2015, Maria Vamvakinou MP (ALP, VIC): moved a Motion calling on the Government to include Palestinian refugees from Syria in any future intake of refugees from Syria.

30 November 2015, Melissa Parke MP (ALP, WA): seconded the Motion moved by Maria Vamvakinou MP – “Australia has an important role to play, financially and diplomatically in supporting UNRWA’s work and global efforts to achieve political settlements, in both the Israel-Palestine conflict and the Syrian conflict.”

26 November 2015, Andrew Wilkie (Ind., TAS): spoke about “rethinking our approach” to Palestine after tabling a public petition concerning the Australian aid budget – “What Australia must do is recognise the need for a Palestinian state and condemn Israel’s illegal acts of settlement and violence. It is alarming that too many of our political leaders appear to be beholden to Israeli interests at the expense of the Palestinian people.”

26 November 2015, Senator Dean Smith (Lib., WA): while speaking to a Motion concerning Syria and Iraq, commented on the situation in Israel and Palestine.
“What has been occurring recently, with the campaign of incitement to violence and the murder of Israeli citizens at the hands of terrorists, offends every value that decent Australians hold dear.

25 November 2015, Senate Motion calling on Australian Government to initiate a FREE TRADE AGREEMENT WITH ISRAEL
Senator Bob Day (Family First, SA) – moves the Motion for an FTA with Israel.
Senator Scott Ryan (Lib., VIC) – speaks in favour of the Motion
> See also questions/discussion around the Motion, with Senator Arthur Sinodinos (Lib., NSW) speaking in favour and Senator Penny Wong (ALP, SA) interjecting.

23 November 2015, House of Representatives: Tabling of a public petition calling for recognition of the State of Palestine, signed by 10 citizens.

9 November 2015, Anthony Albanese MP (ALP, NSW): speech on the retirement of former Treasurer, Joe Hockey MP (Lib., NSW), noting Hockey’s family heritage in Bethlehem, Palestine.

9 November 2015, House of Representatives: Tabling of a public petition calling for recognition of the State of Palestine, signed by 1009 citizens.

9 November 2015, Christopher Pyne MP (Lib., SA): hints at Australia learning to become an “agile and nimble economy” similar to Israel – “The Assistant Minister for Innovation has just returned from Israel , where he met with people to see how they have become an agile and nimble economy. That is what we intend to bring about in this country over the coming years…”

22 October 2015, Michael Danby MP (ALP, Vic.): spoke of the recent upsurge of violence and stated the he was “particularly upset by comments from the Member for Fremantle, who has stood up in this parliament and blamed the victim.”

22 October 2015, Mark Dreyfus MP (ALP, Vic.): stated “whatever the grievances of the Palestinians, indiscriminate murder will never be a legitimate form of political protest.”

19 October 2015, Adam Bandt MP (Greens, Vic.): stated “Australia is falling behind the rest of the world in our refusal to seek a pathway to peace through the recognition of a Palestinian state.”

19 October 2015, Michael Sukkar MP (Lib., Vic.): addressed the violence in Palestine and Israel, stating “In times of trauma and crisis such as this, it is imperative that opinion makers, be they journalists or politicians, speak the truth and demonstrate moral clarity.”

15 October 2015, Senator David Fawcett (Lib., SA): in response to the escalation of violence in Palestine and Israel, stated that “there has been death and violence on both sides, but it is important that, when the media are reporting this and we are discussing it, we keep a balance on cause and effect.”

15 October 2015, Melissa Parke MP (ALP, WA): stated it is in Australia’s interest “that the brutal decades-long Israeli military occupation be brought to an end and that Palestinians have their own state at long last.”

15 October 2015, Maria Vamvakinou MP (ALP, Vic.): welcomed John Salisbury to Canberra after his 10-day walk from Sydney with a petition calling on Australia to recognise the State of Palestine at the UN.

14 October 2015, Senator Lee Rhiannon (Greens, NSW): commended John Salisbury‘s walk to Canberra and stated “there is no military solution to the security needs of Israelis and Palestinians. An end to this conflict requires a diplomatic solution.”

15 September, 2015,Laurie Ferguson MP (ALP, NSW)
Gaza, treatment of children in Israeli military detention and the uprooting of olive trees

23 June, 2015, Senator Lisa Singh (ALP, TAS)
Palestinian Water rights and support of Palestinian State.

14 May, 2015, Chris Hayes MP (ALP, NSW)
Calls for real action towards the establishment of a Palestinian State.

25 March, 2015, Melissa Parke MP (ALP, WA)
Noted the election of Netanyahu promising no Palestinian State and called on Australia to recognise Palestine.

24 March, 2015, Senator Nick Xenophon (Ind. SA)
Called for urgent assistance for Gaza, including the end to the Israeli blockade.

23 March, 2015, Senator Nick Xenophon (Ind. SA) and Melissa Parke MP (ALP, WA)
Noting Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser’s support of Palestine in their speeches of condolence.

9 February, 2015, Senator Christine Milne (Greens, TAS)
Put motion to the Senate in support of recognition of Palestinian State.  Motion was not given permission to proceed.

9 February, 2015, Senator Bridget McKenzie (Nat., VIC)
Put motion to the Senate to malign the BDS campaign.  Motion did not proceed.

3 December, 2014, Senator Anne Urquhart
Speech in support of UN Year of Solidarity with Palestinian People

1 December, 2014
Motion in recognition of UN Year of Solidarity with Palestinian People
Moved by Maria Vamvakinou MP
Seconded by Craig Laundy MP
Speakers for: Melissa Parke MP, Jill Hall MP and Russell Broadbent MP.
Speaker against: Kelly O’Dwyer MP.

30 October, 2014 Senator Glenn Sterle
Speech in condemnation of BDS

27 October, 2014, Melissa Parke MP
Speech in support of BDS and tabling of a petition

23 October, 2014, Senator Lee Rhiannon
Questions in Senate Estimates regarding damage to projects in Gaza funded by Australia

26 August, 2014, Senator Lee Rhiannon
Drawing on statement from Australian aid agencies, calling for greater support of Gaza including an end to the blockade.

16 June, 2014, Senator Ann Urquhart
Condemnation of Government’s refusal to use Occupied for East Jerusalem.

16 June, 2014, Melissa Parke MP
Condemnation of Government’s refusal to use Occupied for East Jerusalem.

5 June 2014 Discussion in Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee, Senate Estimates
Status of East Jerusalem.

4 June 2014 Discussion in Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee, Senate Estimates
Settlements, status of East Jerusalem, and Stone Cold Justice.

25 March 2014, motion sought to be moved by Senator Milne
motion moved by Senator Milne
response by Senator Wong
statement by Senator Milne
response by Senator Fifield

24 March, 2014, Maria Vamvakinou MP
Speech recognising the UN year and presentation of a speech regarding children in Israeli detention

24 March, 2014, Tony Zappia MP
Speech regarding Israeli forces violence against Palestinians

19 March, 2014, Senator Doug Cameron,
Speech in support of Palestinian human rights and peace negotiations

18 March, 2014, Senator Seselja,
Speech conflating anti-Semetic taunts on campus with BDS movement

24 February, 2014, Maria Vamvakinou MP, Speech supporting UN International Year of Solidarity for Palestinian people and Government’s stance on settlements

11/12 February, 2014, Debate regarding condolence motion for Ariel Sharon
Tony Abbott, MP – Prime Minister
Bill Shorten MP – Leader of the Opposition
Julie Bishop MP – Foreign Minister
Tanya Plibersek MP – Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs
Christopher Pyne, MP – Minister for Education
Allanah MacTiernan, MP
Joshua Frydenberg, MP
Andrew Southcott, MP
Paul Fletcher, MP
Eric Hutchinson, MP
Michael Sukkar, MPKelly O’Dwyer, MP
Michael McCormack, MP
Brett Whiteley MP, as Deputy Speaker

9 December, 2013, Senator Christine Milne
Moves notice of motion regarding settlements, not supported by Labor or Coalition

5 December 2013, Melissa Parke MP gives speech regarding Australia’s position on Israeli settlements

4 December 2013, Senator Lee Rhiannon gives speech regarding Australia’s military trade with Israel.

18 June 2013, Liberal Senators move motion regarding London Declaration Against Anti-Semitism and accuse BDS as being anti-Semitic.  Greens opposed motion, and Senator Siewert made speech regarding why.

12 April, 2013, APAN Executive members David Forde and Wendy Turner present to Petitions Committee

18 March 2013, Graham Perrett MP gives a speech in support of APAN

26 February, 2013, Senator Rhiannon gives speech regarding her recent trip to Palestine, talking about the importance of aid and including call for further support for Susiya

06 February 2013, Graham Perrett MP presents petition to Parliament supporting UN recognition of statehood

05 February 2013, Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister raises position of ‘illegality’ of settlements in Question Time

29 November 2012, Senator Kroger questions without notice to Foreign Minister Carr
Regarding UN vote to increase Palestine UN recognition and its relationship to UN Security Council

29 November 2012, Maria Vamvakinou MP
UN International Day of Solidarity and UN vote

28/9 November 2012, Speeches regarding Australia vote in UN giving Palestine non-member observer status
Ms O’Dwyer MP speaks against
Mr Smith MP speaks against
Senator Moore speaks for

28 November 2012,Question to Ms Gillard MP regarding UN vote
Mr Abbott MP

28 November 2012, Questions to Senator Carr regarding UN vote
Senator Joyce
Senator Abetz

28 November 2012 Senator Stephens
Speech regarding Gaza

27 November 2012, Motion in the Senate for UN non-member observer status for
Palestine (not passed)
Senator Christine Milne’s moves motion and speaks for 
Senator Mitch Fifield speaks against

22 November 2012, Government Motion regarding Gaza
Senator Ryan speaks against Hamas

21 November 2012, Australian Greens leader Christine Milne
Moved a motion in the Senate for Australia to support a ceasefire and two state solution.  Only the nine Greens Senators voted in favour of it.

21 November 2012, Senator Scott Ryan
Moved motion regarding Gaza condemning Hamas.  Supported only by Coalition.

21 November 2012, Senator Stephens
Motion regarding Gaza
Christine Milne seeks to move motion which is denied.  Videofootage

21 November 2012, Senator Stephens
Questions to Senator Carr regarding Gaza

21 November 2012, Senator Ronaldson
Speech regarding Gaza and Israel

20 November 2012, Senator Lee Rhiannon
Speech in support of Gaza

19 November 2012, Senator Doug Cameron
In support of Gaza and Palestinian increased recognition in the UN

30 October 2012, Senator Lee Rhiannon
Senator Rhainnon discussed the Christine Milne’s movement for an amendment and the Israeli military attacks on a number of aid funded projects in Palestine

30 October 2012, Senator Rhiannon
Speech following visit of Ilan Pappe discussing the Palestinian displacement and attacks on aid projects.

19 September 2012,Senator Anne Urquhart
Speech commemorating Sabra and Shatila massacres. Watch speech here or  download text of speech

23 August 2012, Senator Nick Xenophon
A speech in Parliament following our visit expressing support for a two state solution and more dialogue

22 August 2012, MP Melissa Parke
A speech by Melissa Parke MP regarding the work of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

21 November 2012, Senator Michael Ronaldson
Arguing for Israel’s right to attack Gaza

26 June, 2012,  Senator Lee Rhiannon
Demolition orders in Susiya, settlements, and the blockade of Gaza

22 June, 2012, Senator Claire Moore
Adjournment speech about administrative detention and hunger strikes

31 May, 2012, Senate Estimates
Foreign Minister Bob Carr responds to attacks on Australian aid agencies’ work in Palestine

13 March, 2012 Senator Lee Rhiannon
Story from Gaza: Australian aid recipient killed

16 February 2012, Senator Fawcett, Senator for South Australia
Questions in Senate Estimates about water shortage and efficiency in Palestine

14 February 2012, Senators Cameron, Ryan, Fifield, Kroger
Questions in Senate Estimates regarding SBS screening of The Promise
(click here regarding APAN’s involvement)

7 February 2012, Senator Bob Brown, Leader of the Australian Greens
Moved motion to facilitate nomination of key Palestinian sites for World Heritage Listing

24 November 2011, Ms Julie Bishop MP, Leader of the Opposition
Moves motion condemning BDS campaign

21 November 2011, The Hon Kevin Rudd MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs
Response to petition supporting Palestinian statehood bid in the UN
(Click here for APAN’s involvement)

21 November 2011, Mr John Murphy MP
Presentation of petition supporting Palestinian statehood bid in the UN
(Click here for APAN’s involvement)

2 November, 2011, Joint Senate Motion
Supporting Women Die Waiting Appeal

2 November, 2011, Ms Melissa Parke MP
Speech supporting Gaza and Women Die Waiting program

31 October 2011, Mr John Murphy MP
Speech regarding Palestinian human rights and BDS
(Click here for APAN’s involvement)

14 October, 2011, Maria Vamvakinou, Federal Member for Calwell
Parliamentary speech regarding breast cancer in Gaza, and statehood bid

11 October 2011, Senator Bob Brown, Leader of the Australian Greens
Moved motion seeking for Australia to back the UN Statehood bid

22 September 2011, Ms Julie Bishop MP, Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Questions to the Ms Julie Gillard, Prime Minister regarding Australia’s voting intentions in the UN regarding statehood

19 September, 2011, Sussan Ley, Federal Member for Farrer
Parliamentary speech supporting Palestinian statehood bid

15 September, 2011, Melissa Parke, Federal Member for Fremantle
Parliamentary speech supporting Palestinian statehood bid

13 September 2011, Senator Ron Boswell, Senator for Queensland
Moves motion condeming the BDS campaign

13 September 2011, Senator Eric Abetz, Senator for Tasmania
Moves motion to condemn Australian Greens for not condemning the BDS campaign

22 August, 2011, Ms Maria Vamvakinou MP
Presentation of petition supporting Palestinian statehood bid in the UN
(Click here for APAN’s involvement)

18 August 2011, Sentator Ron Boswell, Senator for Queensland
Refering BDS campaigns to the ACCC for investigation regarding secondary boycotts

16 August 2011, Mr Bob Brown, Leader of the Australian Greens
Question to Senator Conroy (representing Foreign Affairs) regarding Australia’s voting intentions in the UN regarding Palestinian bid for Statehood

2 June 2011, Ms Julie Bishop MP
Restating support for Israel

30 May, 2011, Jill Hall, Federal Member for Shortland
Report on trip to Palestine: the occupation must end

11 May 2011, Senator Bob Brown, Leader of the Australian Greens
For support of the rights of Palestinian and Israeli people to live in peace

23 March 2011, Senator Mitch Fifield, Senator for Victoria
Denouncing boycott motions of Marrickville Council

12 May 2010, Claire Moore, Senator for Queeensland
Report on trip to Palestine: settlements, seperation wall, water are all major problems