Statements/reports on Palestine

The following are a small selection of writings about Palestine and Israel. More  information is at the UN Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – occupied Palestinian territory, Australians For Palestine and other recommended websites.

9/02/2014 Over 90% of Gaza’s water is unfit for drinking, B’Tselem

4/02/2014   Human Rights Watch: Israel: Military Choking Palestinian Village, Planning Tourist Site

23/01/14 Demonstrating the harmful affects caused through the illegal Israeli settlement practice of dumping wastewater onto Palestinian agricultural lands (ARIJ), Ewash

20/01/2014  Israel’s captains of industry fear boycott

9/01/2014  Haaretz: Israel defies World Bank, refuses to let Palestinians use landfill

6/01/2014  The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel accuses Shin Bet of using torture despite High Court ban

3/01/2014  Human Rights Watch: Israel: Stop Threatened Eviction of Palestinians

01/2014  So Near and Yet So Far: Implications of Israeli-Imposed Seclusion of Gaza Strip on Palestinians’ Right to Family Life.  Joint report by Hamoked and B’Tselem

17/12/2014  Amnesty International: A tiny village with a big voice

16/12/2013  The Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement published a Gaza Cheat Sheet

3/12/2014  Haaretz opinion piece on An Unending Settler Pogrom

2/12/2014  Amnesty International: Gaza power crisis has compounded blockade’s assault on human dignity

6/12/2013  Human Rights Watch: Why Palestine Should Seek Justice at the International Criminal Court

14/11/2013  Amnesty International: A year on from deadly Israel/Gaza conflict, the nightmare continues

06/2013  The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel publishes The Testimony of a Palestinian Woman Prisoner

06/2013  Acting the Landlord: Israel’s Policy in Area C, the West Bank. B’Tselem

06/03/2013 UNICEF Children in Israeli Military Detention: Observations and Recommendations

07/02/2013 UN Human Rights Committee Report of fact-finding mission about implication of Israeli settlements

02/2014 Running Rings around the World: Israel’s colonial expansion in Occupied East Jerusalem

06/2012 Gaza’s children: Falling Behind, by Save the Children

15/05/2012 Human Rights Groups in Palestine on the 64th anniversary of the Nakba

07/05/2012 United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights says Media missing in action about Palestinian Hunger Strikes.

18/03/2012 Israel-Paletinian Conflict will test Carr, APAN Vic President Robert Newton

18/03/2012 Samah Sabawi on normalisation

14/03/2012 Hareetz Opinion Piece about the rockets from Gaza

12/03/2012 MIFTA Editorial about the Gaza violence

18/02/2012 Jeff Halper arguing for a “collapse with agency” of the PA

11/10/2011 Ross Burns, Australia and Palestine, public lecture

03/10/2011 Dr Saree Makdisi, The Palestine Centre Edward Said memorial lecture

09/09/2011  UN Secretary General: Statehood is “long overdue”

16/08/2011 Oxfam, Hung out to Dry

25/05/2011 World Council of Churches, “the continued occupation damages both peoples”

21/05/2011 Video- Prof Stephen Walt on AIPAC and the strength of the Israel lobby

18/01/2010 Amnesty International, Suffocating: The Gaza Strip under Israeli blockade

11/12/2009 Christian Church Leaders in Palestine, Kairos Document

28/05/2009 Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Palestine “brought back memories of what things had been like at home”

11/12/2006 Jimmy Carter “Israel will never have peace until they agree to withdraw” (from the territories)