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Feb 2018 | Roger Waters speaks to APAN about Palestine

Thumnail_door_kicked_inWe were honored that former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters took an evening out of his epic Us and Them tour to speak in Melbourne about Palestine.  Watch and share! (highlights below, click here for video

Jan 2018 | APAN announces boycott of Paypal

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Throughout the last six months of 2017, APAN and our supporters lobbying Paypal to provide equality of service to Palestinians and Israelis. When Paypal refused to budge, APAN officially closed our account with them – which was reported in the Australian Financial Review.

Dec 2017 |APAN gets commitment Australia wont follow Trump off cliff on Jerusalem

When US President Donald Trump announced he was going to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, APAN responded fast in protest, calling on Australia to condemn the move and commit to leaving our Embassy in Tel Aviv.  The Foreign Minister soon after ruled out a move.  APAN’s was able to promote Palestinian views in the print, radio, online and TV news.

Nov 2017 | Palestine National Day – Melbourne

For the second year the Palestinian Flags flew over Federation Square for Palestine National Day.  APAN worked with Melbourne groups to host a celebration, and were delighted to have Palestinian Olympian Loudy Wiggins and Palestinian journalist Maher Mughrabi as speakers on the night, as well as some wonderful music that kept people dancing for hours!


Nov 2017 | Palestine and the West Symposium

APAN was pleased to work with the University of Adelaide and the Australian Friends of Palestine Association (SA) on this important conference to discuss the role of Palestine from the perspective of the West.  Videos of sessions are available on APAN’s facebook page

Nov 2017 | APAN supports Gideon Levy Speaking Tour


APAN hosted Israeli journalist Gideon Levy in the Australian Federal and Victorian parliament, and co-organised an event in Melbourne in conjunction with the Australian Jewish Democratic Society.  Watch video.


Oct 2017 | APAN highlights role of Palestinians in WW1 battles


In the lead up to the 100th year commemorations of the Battle of Beersheba, the contributions of the Palestinians were painfully absent from the narrative.

APAN shared material on social media and posted a media release highlighting the Palestinian role, and then the APAN President wrote to the Prime Minister concerned about the apparent complete whitewashing Palestinians from the official commemorations.

August 2017 | APAN hosted parliamentary dinner

APAN was pleased to host a dinner in Canberra to hear from parliamentarians about their recent visits to Palestine.  Mr Mark Coulton MP and Mr Ken O’Dowd from the National Party, Ms Maria Vamvakinou and Mr Ross Hart from the Labor Party, and Senator Janet Rice from the Greens all shared the painful and inspiring stories from Palestine.  Videos from the evening can be found here.


July 2017 | APAN co-chosts BDS Conference


APAN worked with advocacy groups around the country to host a conference to discuss BDS campaigning in Australia. The conference was Visit Pagea wonderful opportunity for academics and advocates around the country to reflect, learn and plan for the future.

June 2017 | APAN marked 50 years of Occupation

Bishop Browning on 50th Anniversary of Occupation

APAN marked the 50th anniversary of the Occupation of West Bank and Gaza by releasing an Opinion Piece and video calling on Australians to redouble our efforts to ensure that there isn’t another 50 years of grueling military occupation.


May 2017 | APAN joined the saltwater challenge in support of Palestinian prisoner hunger strike


When 1500 Palestinian prisoners went on a mass hunger strike, protesting their conditions and the ongoing arbitrary detention of many Palestinians – APAN joined in solidarity, calling on others to also

May 2017 | APAN contributes to Foreign Affairs white paper

The Australian Government undertook a Foreign Policy review, in the form of a ‘white paper’.  APAN made sure that voices for a fair policy for Palestine were represented, and our submission is available on the DFAT website.


March 2017 | Opinion Poll shows Australians want action

Results from a Roy Morgan opinion poll show the Australian public is far ahead of their Government when it comes to justice for Palestine.  This is the fourth opinion poll commissioned by 2009 and it is clear Australians increasing sympathise with Palestinians and they want our Government to take decisive action to stop the oppression.

Feb 2017 | Australians say No to Netanyahu

APAN was able to coordinate and support many voices of dissent to the official visit of Israeli Prime Minister to Australia in February 2017.  We supported a statement of opposition from prominent Australians, which was reported as far as the New York Times.  We ran an e-campaign where many Australians asked their local representatives not to attend any events Netanyahu was speaking at. We supported and promoted national protest events, and were active in the media, with articles in Fairfax papers, the Guardian and SBS News and ABC radio.


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