APAN-AJPP Dinner 20 April 2012

Peter Slezak speaking at the APAN-AJPP Dinner in Canberra on 20 April

On Friday 20 April more than 50 guests attended a dinner jointly hosted by APAN an Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine in Canberra.  Guest speaker Dr Peter Slezak reflected on his experiences of an APHEDA-led trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories earlier this year.

Peter Slezak is Associate Professor of History and Philosophy at UNSW, a member of the APAN Executive, and Co-founder of Independent Australian Jewish Voices.  In his address he detailed the multiple hardships which the Palestinian population of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip endure under Israeli military occupation and blockade.  Collective punishments, suppression of economic activity, and daily humiliation at the hand of the Israeli Defence Force Are all part of an increasingly intolerable burden of life for the civilian population

Dr Slezak’s address was illustrated with slides and photographs depicting the appalling conditions for Palestinian refugees in camps stretching from Beirut to Gaza.

The dinner was attended by members of APAN and AJPP, as well as others including Middle East analysts, former Australian diplomatic representatives in the region, religious leaders, and experts active in the not-for-profit social justice field.

Peter paid tribute to APHEDA for the contribution it makes in seeking to build public awareness of the situation in Palestine by organising such visits.