APAN at Limmud Oz

Limmud Oz is an annual festival of Jewish learning and culture.

Dennis Martin (AJDS), Larry Stillman (AJDS) and the Rev Jim Barr

APAN was inviolved in Limmud Oz in two capacities in 2012.

Firstly, the Rev Jim Barr, APAN’s president was part of a formal session with the Australian Jewish Democratic Society‘s Larry Stillman Israel: Palestine – points of similarity, points of difference’.  They discussed issues of the Law of Return and the Right of Return, access to holy sites, and the Occupation.

Assoc Prof Peter Slezak, Avigail Abarbanel (ed), Nicole Erlich, Vivienne Pozlot; June Factor (chair); Sivan Barak

Secondly, APAN’s Assoc Prof Peter Slezak was involved in a session based on the

recently released anthoology of writings Beyond Tribal Loyalites. Assoc Prof Slezak was one of five contributors of the book present.  This session was scheduled in Limmud Oz program, but then withdrawn by the organisers so the session was held at a nearby venue and dubbed “Limmud X“.  Assoc Prof Slezak published a piece about this event in J-Wire.