APAN highlights 2011-2012

Highlights from APAN activities in 2011-2012.

Nov. 2012 | APAN joins national protests in support of Gaza
APAN supported protest events against the atrocities in Gaza.  Prof Peter Slezak and Rev Gregor Henderson spoke at the Melbourne rally.  Read more.

Oct. 2012 | APAN urges Australian Government to support Palestine bid at UN
APAN campaigned strongly for Australia to support the Palestinian Authority’s bid to be recognised as a non-member observer state in the United Nations.  We launched a public petition and letter writing campaign, as well as lobbied individual parliamentarians.  Media   reports indicate that while the Prime Minister wanted to vote against the resolution, she was convinced not to by her colleagues.  The resolution was passed on 29 November, with 138 states supporting itAustralia abstained from the resolution. While this isn’t a yes, it also represents a significant break from Australia obeying whatever Israel asks of us, a shift we welcomed.
> Read APAN’s Op Ed printed in multiple Fairfax papers

Sep. 2012 | Hosting Ilan Pappe at the National Press Club
APAN hosted Prof Ilan Pappe as he gave a televised address at the National Press Club, to a packed audience of 170 people.  We were deeply inspired by his address and the rich conversation that followed. See photos and download audio.

Aug. 2012 | APAN in Canberra
Politicians were presented with the breadth of concern about Palestine when APAN joined with the Australian Jewish Democratic Society in August to host two guests from Israel in Parliament House in Canberra. Speaking from the diversity of our experiences and perspectives, all expressed their deep concern about current Israeli policies and the urgent need for a shift in Australian policy to support the human rights of Palestinians. Read more.

Jun. 2012 | APAN in Canberra
APAN had a ten member delegation in Canberra in June, where we had discussions with the Foreign Minister and 29 other politicians (or advisors), as well as with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the UN Info Centre and the Palestinian Delegation.   Read more.

Jun. 2012 | Limmud Oz
APAN was part of this festival of Jewish culture and learning – both presenting in an official session; and participating ina ‘Limmud X’ event that was withdrawn from the program by organisers.  Read more.

Apr. 2012 | Canberra Dinner
This dinner was co-hosted by Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine, and featured guest speaker Dr Peter Slezak who spoke about his recent experiences on the APHEDA study tour.  Read more.

Feb. 2012 | Supporting The Promise
APAN joined with other advocacy groups accross the country in supporting SBS in screening the critically acclaimed series The Promise and requesting for it to be shown again. Read more.

Nov. 2011 | APAN in Canberra
In the week of the 21 November 2011, APAN delegates met with 26 federal parliamentarians and their staff to ask for an urgent shift in Australian foreign policy towards Palestine.  Read more.

Nov. 2011 | Roy Morgan opinion poll
This poll sponsored by APAN and three other groups found only 15% think Australia should not support the Palestinian Statehood bid at the UN; 63% condemn the continued building of settlements on Palestinian land; and 5 times more people thought that the Australian Government favors Israel than those who thought the Government favors Palestine.  Read the poll results [pdf] and the press release [pdf].

Sep. 2011 | Statement by prominent Australians
APAN gathered signatures from former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, two former Ambassadors to Israel, academics, and current Members of Parliament to ask the Australian Government to support Palestine’s bid for Statehood at the UN.  Read statement and signatories.

Aug. 2011 | Joined other groups in supporting BDS movement
APAN joined other groups in condemning Victorian Government’s request to the ACCC to investigate the BDS movement for secondary boycotts.  Read group statement.
> Read ACCC judgement on the case 02/09/2011: Recent anti-Israel protests not a secondary boycott

Aug. 2011 | Petition supporting Palestine statehood bid
APAN sponsored a petition to the Australian Parliament, showing Australian support for the Palestinian statehood bid.  Over 4,000 signatures have been collected and Maria Vamvakinou presented this in Parliament.  Thanks to the many people who were involved in collecting signatures. Read Maria Vamvakinou’s speech for APAN petition [pdf].

May 2011 | Launch of Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN)
Following an extensive consultation process, organisations and individuals from around Australia have formed a broad-based national coalition to advocate for the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and an end to Israel’s military occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Speaking at the conclusion of APAN’s first Executive Meeting, APAN President Jim Barr said the new organisation would be seeking a constructive dialogue with senior levels of government and mainstream Australian society.  “A just and comprehensive peace between Palestine and Israel is well overdue”, said Mr Barr.

As an organisation with a national reach, APAN would be conveying that concern to the highest levels of government in Canberra and would be urging a rapid and comprehensive review of Australia’s approach to the conflict.
> Read the Media Release distributed at the launch of APAN.