Dr Salam Fayyad visit to Australia

September 2015: During his visit Dr Fayyad asked the international community to ensure that the foundation of any initiatives in support of Palestine must begin by acknowledging Palestinian rights under international law.  These rights include that Palestinians have a right to all lands Occupied by Israel in 1967.   He said that Palestinians need an alternative to living under Occupation or having to agreed to terms for negotiation that Israel sets.  More profound than a ‘recognition’ of Palestine, he stated, would be an affirmation of Palestinian rights, and a very clear timeline to end the Occupation.  He also stressed the need for Palestinian unity.

Dr Fayyad was brought to Australia by the Australian Friends of Palestine Association (SA) to deliver the Edward Said Memorial Lecture.

Hear Dr Fayyad being interviewed on Radio National.

Watch Dr Fayyad’s address to the National Press Club.

See below for some photos of the event: