APAN in the news

10/05/2020 Australian government tells ICC it should not investigate alleged war crimes in Palestine, Guardian Australia

19/02/2020, Australia seeks to block Palestine war crimes investigation, Crikey

29/11/2019 Trump’s comments hamper efforts towards peace in the Middle East, Sydney Criminal Lawyers

20/11/2019  Response to US settlement announcement, ABC 24

20/11/2019 Will Australia re-think its position on Israeli settlements, SBS (Arabic)

07/11/2019 Black-Palestine Solidarity Conference, 3CR radio

19/07/2019 Foreign Minister must restate opposition to settlements, ABC24 News

08/07/2019 A new narrative for solving the Israel-Palestine conflict, ABC RN Drive

05/06/2019 Does guilt about historical anti-semitism keep Christians silent on Palestine? Social Policy Connections

15/05/2019 Deaths in Gaza: The more things change…, New Matilda

25/04/2019 Grand Mufti moves to mobilise Muslim votes, AFR

15/5/2019 Day 5 Federal election, The Canberra Times

10/04/2019 Israeli dominion and the new apartheid, AFR letters

09/04/2019 Kate Miller-Heidke Urged To Boycott Eurovision By Israel BDS Campaign, 10 daily

09/04/2019  APAN turns 8; Israel and Human Rights Council etc, 3CR

01/01/2019 Australian Labor Party commits to recognizing Palestine, Mondoweiss

29/12/2018 Morrison’s Jerusalem Fiasco: Diplomacy in a Wet Paper Bag, Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog

17/12/2018 Discussion of Jerusalem, ABC AM

15/12/2018 Australia officially recognises West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, RT TV interview

15/12/2018  Jerusalem decision shows Government in deep trouble Courier Mail – Opinion Piece

15/12/2018 Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israel capital, Al Jazeera

15/12/2018 Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but holds back on embassy move, The Guardian

15/12/2019 Government recognises West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but keeps embassy in Tel Aviv, ABC radio

15/12/2018 Government hopes Jerusalem compromise will smooth Indonesian trade deal, The Conversation

15/12/2018 West Jerusalem shift a cynical ploy: Labor, The Weekend Australian

15/12/2018 Critics take aim at ‘rookie’ call after PM confirms Israel policy tilt, Sydney Morning Herald

15/12/2018 Australia officially recognises West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, RT International TV

12/12/2018 Labor factions close to deal over recognition for Palestine, The Australian

22/11/2018 The Embassy: How Middle East politics came to Canberra, Fairfax Please Explain

24/10/2018 Morrison’s Jerusalem Moment: The Damage Done, Sydney Criminal Lawyers

17/10/2018 Australia considers moving embassy to Jerusalem, AP News

16/10/2018 Scott Morrison eyes moving Australian embassy to Jerusalem, Australian Financial Review

16/10/2018 Reaction to shifting embassy to Jerusalem, SBS News

16/10/2018 Reaction to shifting embassy to Jerusalem, 9 News

16/10/2018 Australia considers moving embassy to Jerusalem, The Washington Post

16/10/2018 Palestinians warn Australia risks becoming ‘international pariah’ if it moves Israel embassy to Jerusalem, ABC News

16/10/2018 PM Scott Morrison open to moving embassy to Jerusalem, ABC Radio

16/10/2018 Moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem would be anti-Palestinian partisanship, Op Ed, The Guardian

16/10/2018 Jerusalem embassy move a ‘sensible’ proposal, says Scott Morrison, The Guardian

16/10/2018 Australia Considers Moving Its Israel Embassy to Jerusalem, in Tandem With President Trump, Time Magazine

01/06/2018 Australia Justifies Atrocities Against Palestinians, Sydney Criminal Lawyers

20/5/2018, The 70th Anniversary of Israel & Al Nakba, God Forbid, ABC radio

19/5/2018 Great March for Palestinian Power, Op Ed, The Australian

14/05/2018 Palestinians undefeated as Israel celebrates 70th anniversary, SMH Opinion Piece

3/4/2018  Update about the Gaza Great March of Return, 3CR Community Radio

31/3/2018 Israeli might cannot quell Palestinian quest for Freedom, Op Ed, The Australian

9/2/2018 Roger Waters on Palestine, Noise 11

2/1/2018 PayPal faces boycott call over lack of services in Palestine, Australian Financial Review

8/12/2017 US Policy change on Jerusalem prompts Palestinian protests, ABC PM program

7/12/2017 Australia’s Palestinian and Israeli communities respond to Trump’s Jerusalem move, SBS TV News

7/12/2017 Australian responses to Trump move on Jerusalem, Jon Faine, 774 (starts at 14mins)

6/12/2017 Julie Bishop rules out following Donald Trump on Jerusalem Recognition, Australian Financial Review

6/12/2017 Fears of violence as US recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, ABC PM program

6/12/2017 Donald Trump’s Jerusalem decision draws mixed reaction in Australia, ABC News

3/11/2017 The Balfour Declaration: 100 years on, SBS online

2/11/2017 Palestinians Disappointed to be omitted from Beersheba commemorations, SBS News

12/06/2017 There can be no peace without Justice, Opinion Piece in Courier Mail

26/05/2017 Donald Trump sees an opportunity in tangled relationships of the Middle East, Australian Financial Review

24/02/2017 Peter Manning debates Peter Wertheim on ABC TV

22/02/2017 Turnbull has clearly chosen: Australia stands alone on Israel, The Guardian

20/02/2017 Bishop George Browning on Netanyahu’s visit to Australia, ABC Radio National

19/02/2017 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Australia opposed by 60 prominent locals , Sydney Morning Herald

04/01/2017, Malcolm Turnbull is wrong. Australia should not side with Israel, Opinion Piece, Courier Mail

22/12/2016, Palestinian lobby joins the junket game, Crikey

15/12/16, End the Detention of Palestinian Children: An Interview with APAN’s Jessica Morrison, Sydney Criminal Lawyers

29/11/2016, 49 Politicians Supporting Palestine Shows Change Is Coming To Parliament, New Matilda

28/11/2016, Australian lawmakers urge end to Israeli abuses of Palestinian children, Electronic Intafada

01/07/2016, Christian political parties letting down Australia’s Christians on human rights and Palestine, Online Opinion

02/06/2016, BDS advocate disinvited from Limmud Oz, The Australian Jewish News

26/05/2016, New test for VCE literature sparks censorship concerns, The Age

23/05/2016, Vote Palestine!, SBS Arabic Radio

24/03/2016, Moving Australia’s embassy to Jerusalem is fanciful Senator Paterson, George Browning, Online Opinion

09/02/2016, NSW Labor draws fire over junket trips to Israel, by George Browning, Online Opinion

03/11/2015, Significant support for Palestinians, by Stuart Rees, Online Opinion

27/10/2015, Labor and the Coalition are failing Palestine, it’s time for civil society to take over, by Jake Lynch, New Matilda

26/10/2015, BDS Campaign Set To Escalate In Australia After Pro-Palestinian Network Offers Support, by Max Chalmers, New Matilda

14/10/2015 The situation in the Middle East, SBS Arabic Radio

13/10/2015, APAN Study Tour and the reasons for going, 3CR Radio [at 1:06]

27/7/2015 Response to ALP conference, ABC News Radio

26/7/2015 Labor factions come together on Palestine, News Limited

25/7/2015 Palestinian recognition by ALP would aid peace prospects, The Australian

22/7/2015 Why Labor must recognise Palestine, Labor Herald

6/7/2015 Interview with Issa Shaweesh, SBS Arabic Radio

17/6/2015 Is Boycotting Israel ethical or anti-Semitic?, ABC Religion and Ethics

10/6/2015 Interview with Issa Shaweesh, SBS Arabic Radio

5/2015 Getting the facts right on Palestine, The Melbourne Anglican (link downloads PDF)

27/03/2015 Netanyahu is consistent in his deception, Online Opinion

18/03/2015 Israeli elections, The Wire

02/01/2015 Julie Bishop Silent on Palestine, The Australian.

01/01/2015 Australia’s vote against Palestinian statehood ‘reinforces feeling Coalition is anti-Arab’, The Guardian Australia

13/08/2014  MP’s courageous speech defies disgraceful descent into gutter, The Canberra Times

12/08/2014  Is a third intifada on the way way?, ABC Religion and Ethics

12/08/2014  Why is being a friend of Palestine inconsistent with being a friend of Israel?, The Australian

11/08/2014 Bullying, abuse and Free speech, ABC Media Watch

04/08/2014,Critics fail to see the funny side of SMH and Oz Gaza cartoons, Crikey

31/07/2014 Israel may not have a way back, The Australian

31/07/2014 Letter regarding Gaza, The Australian

30/07/2014 Australian Government’s Gaza reaction not strong enough, The Age online.

28/07/2014 Divide widens between supporters of Hamas and Israel, ABC News 24

27/07/2014 Causes and solutions…writes Peter Slezak. J-Wire

25/07/2014 Empty tables at Ramadan dinner as Vic Alhadeff stands by Gaza comments, Sydney Morning Herald

23/07/2014 Two Jews, Two Palestinians: An Open Letter on the Simple Truth, New Matilda

17/06/2014, Bishop refuses to refer to East Jerusalem as ‘disputed’ or ‘occupied’, Guardian Australia

17/06/2014, Government urged to reverse Israel/Palestine terms, Radio National

13/06/2014, Capital Hill, ABC

09/06/2014, Australia urged to clarify new East Jerusalem position, SBS Australia.

06/06/2014 Government drops ‘Occupied’ from description of East Jerusalem, ABC Lateline.

06/05/2014 Peace not apartheid, Online Opinion.

24/04/2014 Palestinians plan to form unity government, SBS Australia.

16/04/2014, Rubenstein wrong on Palestine, The Australian

10/04/2014 Carr comments prompt Bigot claim, SBS Australia.

09/04/2014, Abbas’s move to sign global treaties shows Kerry’s peace bid has failed, The Australian

03/04/2014 Bill Shorten’s comments on Israeli settlements a mistake, say colleagues, The Sydney Morning Herald

01/04/2014 Bill Shorten speech on Israeli settlements stirs Palestinian group, The Guardian

18/01/2014 Bishop’s troubling stance on the legality of Settlements, The Age17/01/2014 How Israel Frames Palestine, New Matilda

15/01/2014 Commentary on Foreign Minister attending Ariel Sharon’s funeral, Haaretz

02/01/2014 If not out of a faith in God, then at least a belief in Humanity, The Australian

26/11/2013 Coalition takes a pro-Israel turn, no one notices for weeks, Crikey

12/09/2013, Letter supporting ANU Palestinian Human Rights Conference, The Australian.

30/06/2013 Commentary on US brokered talks between Palestine and Israel, ABC24

24/05/2013 Criticism of Israel isn’t anti-Semitic per se, Online Opinion

24/01/2013 Commentary on Israeli elections, ABC 24

24/12/2012 Israeli Settlements a major obstacle on the road to peace The Australian

01/12/2012 A loss for the Jewish Lobby, Australian Financial Review

29/11/2012 Effective pressure is essential to broker solution, The Sydney Morning Herald

28/11/2012 Discussion about Palestine bid for recognition in the UN, ABC24

23/11/2012  Discussion about violence in Gaza and way forward, ABC24

15/11/2012 Israel and Hamas ‘must negotiate peaceful truce, ABC News

09/09/2012   ABC Radio 360documentaries, Radio National.

22/08/2012 Beyond Tribal Loyalties, 3CR.

21/08/2012 Moving towards a just solution, The Canberra Times

05/06/2012 Australian Jewish conference cancels far-left speakers, renewing controversy Haaretz.

04/06/2012 Carr should press Obama on peace for Israel and Palestine, The Canberra Times.

04/06/2012 Interview with APAN’s Issa Shaweessh, Palestine Radio, (Arabic).

31/05/2012 Invitation Cancelled, J-wire

28/05/2012 How far do Palestinians need to go to have their voices heard?, Online Opinion

10/04/2012 Attack on Power, The Canberra Times

23/11/2011 MP’s urged to support Palestinian state, The Age

16/11/2011 Mid East position will bite Gillard, Canberra Times

11/11/2011 Public backs Palestine bid, The Age

11/10/2011 Australia must support Palestinian Statehood  SBS Radio (Arabic)

18/08/2011 Australia’s leaders must back Palestinian bid for Statehood, The Canberra Times

09/06/2011 Stop blind support of Israel, The Canberra Times