APAN objectives

The following are APAN’s objectives as stipulated in our constitution:

  • To advocate for peace and justice in Palestine/Israel based on UN resolutions and international and humanitarian law;
  • To advocate for an end to Israeli military control and occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza;
  • To advocate for the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people;
  • To raise awareness of the Australian public, and their leaders, by providing accurate information concerning the Palestinian people and their rights;
  • To support capacity-building initiatives of institutions and civil society in Palestine;
  • To encourage, co-ordinate and build the capacity of organisations which pursue the above objectives in Australia;
  • To foster alliances between organisations which pursue the above objectives in Australia and the international community;
  • To do all things incidental to attainment of the above objectives.
Group outside parliament house with signs "Israel is not above the law"


Members (both individuals and organisations) are the backbone of APAN

Two Palestinian girls in Thaobs- traditional dresses

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