ASPIRE report on Palestinian refugees from Syria

August 2015: ASPIRE (Australian Society for the Palestinian-Iraqi Refugees, established in 2008) is a Melbourne-based organisation that provides language, legal and advocacy support for ex-Syria and ex-Iraq Palestinians.

They have released a report focusing on the situation of Palestinian refugees who have been living in Syria, which includes calls on action from Australia and UN bodies to take practical steps to protect and support these refugees.

Falling Through the Cracks: A report presented to Amnesty International (Australia) on the UN policies towards the Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS), August 2015 – Download full report

Recommendations of the report:

For all the reasons detailed above, ASPIRE is calling upon:

  1. UN Human Rights Council, UNHCR, and UNRWA to highlight the plight of PRS, as a special group with specific legal status within the Syrian crisis. This group had been subject to flagrant human rights violations during several crises, such as Lebanese civil war, Iraq crisis, and currently Syria crisis;
  1. UNHCR to grant the Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS) registration and protection;
  1. Australia and other countries that are signatories to the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees to observe their humanitarian and legal obligations to include Palestinian Refugees from Syria in their intake of refugees from Syria;
  1. All neighbouring countries to stop their discriminatory policies towards PRS and treat them on equal footings with the Syrian refugees; and
  1. All local and international aid organizations to include PRS in their Syria-related aid programs.