APAN responds to attacks on UNRWA

APAN has noted with significant concern the public attacks on UNRWA – who provide basic services to Palestinian refugees. An Opinion Piece published in The Australian newspaper on the 18/9 however was full of so many misrepresentations, unsubstantiated allegations and factual errors that we felt a need to respond! Below is both our infographic shared on social media and a response we sent to The Australian.

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Dr Abu Sitta in Australia & NZ

Dr. Salman Abu Sitta is the founder and President of the Palestine Land Society, and has published the comprehensive Atlas of Palestine – showing the Palestinian landscape before 1948. Dr Abu Sitta is a survivor of the Palestinian Nakba and has a powerful personal story.

ADELAIDE: 5 October, 5.30pm
Edward Said Memorial Lecture: The right of return is the only key for peace,

MELBOURNE: 7 October, 6pm
Palestinian Right of Return – An empty promise or real possibility?

SYDNEY: 9 October, 6.45pm
BDS for the Right of Return – Why?

CANBERRA: 14 Oct, 6.45pm
The Key for Peace in Palestine and Israel: The Right of Return

AUCKLAND: 17 Oct, 7pm
University of Auckland

Dr Abu Sitta’s tour is hosted by the Australian Friends of Palestine Association.

Annual dinner tickets – photos now out!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the APAN Annual Dinner to be the wonderful success that it was.

APAN President, Bishop George Browning addressing the dinner

All the photos of the event are now available here.

18 Former Middle East diplomats urge PM to reject Trump Middle East plan

As the Kushner lead Bahrain workshop begins, diplomats jointly warn against Trump’s partisanship, which goes against the grain of the international community, and damages any prospects for real peace.

Excerpts from the letter include:

Under President Trump, the United States appears to have decided to turn away from its longstanding goal of achieving a two-state solution, an approach that Australia and the great majority of the international community have supported for the past 25 years.

What is now obvious to us all – is that Israel simply has not been prepared to entertain the notion of the existence of a viable independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

For our own reputation and in recognition of our national interests, Australia should not support a United States initiative which excludes the Palestinians and blatantly excuses Israel from an eventual requirement to make the compromises necessary for peace.

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APAN media release: Kushner response

Trump proposal misses the mark – Palestinians need justice, not charity

The announcement by Kushner of a financial injection to Palestine without a political framework is naive and dangerous, said the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network.

“Palestinians have the education, knowledge and skills to be the masters of their own development,” said Bishop George Browning, President of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network.

“What is required is a political plan for self determination that in turn, will put in place the foundation for economic development, not a US business plan of economic bribery rewarding Israel’s illegal occupation. A fist full of dollars will never buy their political freedom, dignity, equality, or community,” Bishop Browning said.

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