March 2024 | APAN visit to Federal Parliament & ongoing engagement with MPs

Advocating for foreign policy change to see concrete action towards the prevention of genocide; building awareness of anti-Palestinian racism in the Australian community and beyond. Engaged with federal MPs from across the political spectrum, and amplified the voices of the Palestinian community and movement.



March 2024 | Participation in the presentation of the ‘Gaza Plea for a Common Humanity’ to federal parliament

Collective action by civil society groups to advocate for more humane government policy and action to end Gaza genocide. Solidifying of networks within the Palestine solidarity movement on this continent; advocacy for foreign policy change. 

April 2024 | Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh Tour

Built community awareness of ecocide in Palestine; offered diverse communities access to and insight into unique Palestinian perspective on Israel’s ongoing oppression of Palestinians. Greater international awareness of ecocide, as it relates to Palestine. The amplification of Palestinian voices, experiences and political aspirations.


May 2024 | Palestine Solidarity Conference

The 2024 Palestine Solidarity Conference offered participants the opportunity to connect, learn and plan joint actions with other solidarity organisations and individuals who are passionate about Palestinian liberation and social justice. The program included panel discussions, in-depth lectures as well as planning sessions with the aim of coordinating our efforts to advocate more effectively together for Palestinian justice, liberation and self-determination.

May 2024 | Launching of Advocacy Toolkits

The Advocacy Toolkits provided our supporters with useful and practical tools for continuing their Palestinian advocacy. 

See all five toolkits and guides here. 

Hon Prof Gareth Evans
Hon Prof Gareth Evans
Hon Prof Gareth Evans
Hon Prof Gareth Evans