Dave Sharma MP unable to prove allegations in defamation case

Melissa Parke has discontinued her defamation case in the Federal Court after Dave Sharma was unable to prove allegations he made against her.

In the lead-up to the 2019 election, David Sharma tweeted accusations that Melissa Parke was an antisemite who was “trafficking in conspiracy theories”. When asked to plead truth in the Federal Court, he instead deleted the tweet, and claimed the “excuse defences”’ of ‘qualified privilege’ and ‘honest opinion’

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APAN OpEd in Canberra Times

Military and economic deals aren’t ‘peace agreements’ just because Trump says so

“Peace” is not in the air. The deal done between Israel, Bahrain and the UAE, boastfully brokered by President Trump, has little to do with peace, but much to do with military hardware and hoped-for economic gain.

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Can you give to Gaza?

With a deadly second wave of Coronavirus in Gaza, and UN bodies calling for urgent action, APAN is asking our supporters to give if they can.

The following organisations are Australian registered charities that APAN has strong working relationships with, and knows they will get the money to Gazans quickly:

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Reject Danon as Ambassador

Reports in early August indicate Israel has proposed Danny Danon as the next Ambassador to Australia.

Danon has shown complete disregard for both Palestinian rights and international law and should be rejected as Ambassador.

How objectionable is Danny Danon? Some of the things he has said include:

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Standing against Israeli annexation

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israeli intended to begin Annexation of the West Bank as early as 1 July 2020.

APAN supported Australians to call for Australian political leaders to join global condemnations. Click here to email the Foreign Minister calling for her to act against any annexation.

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