Craig Buchanan, Liberal candidate, Brand

let me state my simple position on the Israel / Palestine question, one which I know I share with a number of colleagues within the Liberal Party.

I have no problem recognising the state of Palestine, but I will not do so, nor will I urge the government of Australia to do so, until the Palestinians confirm their recognition the state of Israel.  I favour a two state solution, but that can only be a possibility when each sides recognises and respects the existence of the other.  Israel has taken the first steps, with the establishment of the Palestinian Authority.  It is now the turn of Palestine to act.

I have a number of friends from both communities, and I will certainly pledge to keep an open mind, to encourage dialogue, and to be an ambassador for peace.  Beyond that I cannot go, however, nor do I believe we as a nation should go, until there is common ground sufficient to build a lasting settlement.

As I said earlier, I’m very happy to sit down and speak to you, or to anyone else in the local area, about this issue, to listen to your concerns, and to take them on board.  Please feel free to call for a chat at any time.

Kind regards,


Craig Buchanan
Liberal Party Candidate for Brand

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