Debbie Robinson, Liberty Alliance, Senate Candidate

(The following is text of email to a constituent, after being contacted asking her views on Israel and Palestine).

First of all ‘Palestinians’ do not suffer under any hand other than their own leaders. Most of the aid received, which is 10 times more per capita than the amount received by any other aid recipients in the world, is embezzled by the leadership and diverted to support terror.

‘Palestinians’ are institutionally engaged in terrorism, encouraged by their religious and political leaders against Israel. This is a major contributing factor to their problems.

These Arabs have never accepted rightful Jewish claims to Jewish national self-determination and were engaged in pogroms, riots and massacres against Jews long before the existence of the state of Israel in 1948.

Palestinian refugees are the only people who have been artificially kept as refugees and not been absorbed by host countries. In Jordan, Syria and Lebanon for example Palestinian refugee camps exist because these counties refuse to give them citizenship and keep them as pawns to oppose Israel.

Palestinians are the only group in the world whose descendants are counted as refugees, and have a specific UN agency, UNRWA which receive  over 4 times as much funding and employs 5 times more staff than UNHCR the agency which takes care of all the other world refugees combined.

Kind regards,

Debbie Robinson
Senate Candidate for Western Australia


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