July 2018 | Hosting Noura Erakat

APAN was honored to host events with Noura Erakat while she was in Australia to deliver the Edward Said Memorial Lecture.

APAN focused on events to engage Palestinian young people in Australia – including a live-streamed facebook interview and a skillshare in Melbourne.

We also co-hosted the public event in Melbourne with Australians for Palestine, filling the State Library Theaterette.


Screenhop of Noura Erakat speaking in Melbourne
Group of about 30 young Palestinians including Noura Erakat

May 2018 | Honoring Al Nakba – in the community and in the parliament

APAN commemorated Nakba Day this year by inviting young Australian Palestinians to share what this day means to them.  Watch the short videos by Elias and Alaa

APAN briefed parliamentarians about the significance of Al Nakba to Palestinians. Ross Hart MP (Labor) delivered a parliamentary speech stating A vivid and poignant memory of my visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, burned into my memory, is the sight of the Nakba key. The key is a symbol of dispossession, loss and hope for return, a symbol of perseverance. It represents pride. It is everywhere in the Palestinian territories.

We were also grateful to other parliamentarians who delivered parliamentary speeches honoring Al Nakba:

Screenshot of facebook video linked to in adjacent story - Elias and his family Nakba story

February 2018 | Roger Waters speaks to APAN about Palestine

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters took an evening out of his epic Us and Them stadium tour to speak in Melbourne about his passion for Palestinian human rights. 

Watch the highlights video or  watch full event

APAN also organised the printing of 20,000 postcards that were handed out by Palestine supporters outside Roger Waters concerts nationally.

January 2018 | APAN announces Boycott of Paypal

Throughout the last six months of 2017, APAN and Palestine supporters throughout Australia lobbied Paypal to provide equality of service to Palestinians and Israelis. 

When Paypal refused to budge, APAN closed our Paypal account– which was reported in the Australian Financial Review.

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