August 2019 | APAN participates in Review of Aid Investment Plan

APAN was invited to participate in an aid investment review. In conjunction with our Aid and Development members, APAN met with consultants and  produced a written submission.

APAN also produced a supplementary briefing paper Textbooks in Palestine as this issue was being politicised based on some partisan ‘research’.

July – August 2019 | Palestine 101 seminars

This online webinar series introduced participants to Palestinian experiences, from the Ottoman period until today.  Held over seven evening, it located this history in a political context and within an international law framework.  The program was delivered by a range of Palestinian Australian academics and supported by APAN staff.  The feedback from the 61 registrants indicated the program provided a powerful grounding in the Palestinian narrative, with feedback such as “I understand what my Palestinian identity really means”, “I strengthened my knowledge on Palestine” and “I learnt how to raise awareness about our beautiful and rich Palestinian culture, history and cause”

July & September 2019 | Briefing New Parliamentarians

When the new federal parliament convened, APAN undertook two lobbying trips to Canberra – meeting with 67 parliamentarians and their staff across the political spectrum.  With newly elected parliamentarians, we ensured they understood the Palestinian perspective and asked them only to travel to Israel if they spend equal time in Palestine.  We also expressed deep concern about President Trump’s so called ”peace”  proposal and argued why Australia should recognise Palestine. 

Some APAN members and supporters also met with their newly elected parliamentarians in their electorate offices. 

Following our meetings, a number of parliamentarians spoke up for Palestine: 

Kate Thwaites MP with local consituents who talked with her about Palestine
Photo of George Browning and Wendy Turner approaching Federal Paraliament House

June 2019 | Former Diplomats Reject Trump Plan

As details were leaked of the general direction of Trump’s proposal for the Middle East, 18 former Australian diplomats, including many who served in Israel, wrote to the Prime Minister calling on him to reject the proposal. 

The diplomats warned against Trump’s partisanship, which goes against the grain of the international community, and damages any prospects for real peace.

APAN worked with the diplomats on the drafting of the letter, as well as brokering media coverage.

February – May 2019 | APAN Pre-election campaign

In the months  before the Australian Federal election, APAN supported Australians to contact their local candidates – telling them about why Palestine matters, and why we want them to stand up for Palestine. 

Thousands of emails were sent to candidates around the country with several candidates noting this was one of the issues they received most correspondence about.

APAN also produced an election scorecard to assist people to know exactly where the major parties stood on Palestine.

Image with ratings of political parties.