Film Screening: Tantura

Hosted by:
Friends of Palestine WA
Palestinian Community of Western Australia


Event Details

Tantura, directed by Alon Schwarz, examines the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian village of Tantura in May 1948: a massacre the Israeli government has denied for decades. The documentary features personal testimonies of Israeli forces who carried out the massacre, Jewish settlers, and Palestinian villagers who survived, exposing historical erasure and collective amnesia. Tantura is also the story of a cover up and the silencing of Teddy Katz, the Israeli researcher who recorded personal testimonies that confirm the massacre of 200-300 Palestinian villagers. The film will be followed by a discussion about the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) and its relevance to understanding Israel’s present-day colonialism and apartheid.
Cost: $5 concession, $10 waged