Palestine Q&A

In all of historic Palestine, the State of Israel controls the lives of nearly 7 million Palestinians under a system of oppression and domination that has been described by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International as a regime of apartheid.
Join us for a Q&A discussion with a panel of speakers to discuss the impact of Israeli apartheid, occupation and colonisation and the steps needed to address Palestinian human rights and self-determination.

Our panel includes:

  • Sophie McNeill, a former ABC & SBS correspondent in the Middle East
  • Amer, an Iraq-born Palestinian
  • Jason, a second generation Palestinian descendent
  • Sameeha, a Palestinian from Gaza

This event is a dialogue between attendees and panelists, and also between panelists themselves, where all are welcome to participate in an informal discussion.
Organised by the Palestinian Community of WA, Friends of Palestine WA and the UWA Palestinian Cultural Society.
Got any questions for the panelists? Send them to [email protected]

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