Rally to Commemorate Al Nakba, Protest Israeli Occupation

Event Details

On the 15th of May, Palestinians commemorate Al Nakba: the massacres, ethnic cleansing and seizure of Palestinian land by Zionist militants to create the state of Israel. In 1948 over 500 villages and cities were ‘cleansed’, resulting in thousands of deaths, the displacement of 750,000 Palestinians and the land theft of 78% of historic Palestine.

The Nakba, or disaster, is ongoing, as the killings and land theft continues. Israeli laws still discriminate against Palestinians, and those living in the West Bank and Gaza do so under brutal, oppressive conditions. For 74 years Palestinians have staunchly resisted and fought for their freedom, rights and land.

Across the world each year people show their solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for justice by joining them in demonstration.

Come to Town Hall on May 15 to Oppose Israeli apartheid, defend the right of return, stop illegal settlements on Palestinian land and end the blockade on Gaza.

We acknowledge that this land is, was, and always will be Aboriginal land. This protest is being held on unceded Gadigal land, where, like, Palestinians, First Nations people were once ethnically cleansed to make way for colonisation. We stand in solidarity with the struggles by First Nations peoples against racism today.