Understanding Israel’s Apartheid

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On 1 February 2022 Amnesty International released our landmark report concluding that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid. The report is part of a growing consensus that Israel’s laws, policies, and practices amount to apartheid. In this webinar, we will delve deeper into this report and Palestinians in Australia’s experiences of apartheid.

Before the report was even released, Israel’s Foreign Minister claimed the findings were anti-Semitic. Scott Morrison said that “no country is perfect” and that Australia “will remain a staunch friend of Israel.” Neither engaged with the findings of the report; that apartheid means Palestinians are forced from their homes, families are separated, protestors are shot with rubber bullets, and that children in Gaza don’t have safe drinking water.

Australia continues to support this system of apartheid; sending arms to the Israel, and shielding them from accountability on the international stage.

For decades, Palestinians have been calling for an end to this oppression. All too often, they pay a terrible price for standing up for their rights, and they have long been calling for others around the world to help them.

Join our webinar to better understand the system of apartheid, and what we can do in Australia to help dismantle the system, one step at a time.

The webinar will be a YouTube Premiere, you will receive a link to join the premiere a few days before and on the day.

See you there!