Give to Gaza

Here are four organisations APAN knows and trusts to get the immediate practical help Gazans need.

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Action Aid

ActionAid is global justice organisation working to advance women’s rights and end poverty and injustice.  It has an office based in Gaza working with local partners.

ActionAid is working to provide food and assistance to displaced families who are sheltering in schools.

  • Immediate assistance to 1,660 displaced families, (7,248 people) with food, household items (mattresses, blankets, kitchenware), dignity and hygiene kits
  • Provision of emergency medical supplies
  • Purchase of fuel for generators and mobile clinics
  • Creation of safe spaces for women and psychosocial support for traumatised children and their families
Logo of Anglican Overseas Aid

Anglican Overseas Aid

Anglican Overseas Aid is an overseas relief and development agency of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Their long-term partner in Gaza is the Ahli Arab Hospital (AAH), based in Gaza city.

Bombs have fallen near Ahli Arab Hospital and blew out some windows. But the hospital is open, trying desperately to serve its usual patients and cope with the arrival of bombing casualties. The hospital opened a new surgery ward on Wednesday to treat the wounded.

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Act for Peace

Act for Peace was founded in 1948 as the aid agency of the Australian Council for the World Council of Churches. Their work has an emphasis on international long-term development, and their vision is a peaceful world where all people share a safe, just and dignified life.

They work with local partners to provide medical assistance to children, women, and other people in need.

In this crisis, this includes:

  • First aid and medicine to pregnant women and children affected by the crisis.
  • Medical treatment for sick children under six years old.
  • Psychosocial support to thousands of mothers and their children, including assessments, group work and individual counselling to help them navigate the distressing conditions of life in Gaza.
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care for pregnant women affected by the crisis, including lab tests, to help reduce maternal morbidity.
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Olive Kids

Olive Kids is an Australian Foundation founded in 2007 by Palestinian Australians, dedicated to support the children of Palestine. Their vision is a future where Palestinian kids can live free, full, and safe childhoods.

The campaign for Gaza aims to provide:

$30,000 Urgently needed medical supplies & consumables for Al-Awda Hospital + Medical Centres

$15,000 Fuel for generators for Al-Awda Hospital + Medical Centres to address critical electricity shortages

$25,000 500 urgent food packages for displaced and impacted families

$20,000 500 hygiene kits for impacted families

The situation in Gaza is developing and they are in constant communication with their partners on the ground to ascertain the most critical needs.

APAN is deeply grateful to volunteers for their time and skills in drafting these factsheets.