I Vote Palestine Campaign

Thanks so much for supporting Palestinian human rights through our www.ivotepalestine.org.au campaign.

Once you’ve already emailed your candidates, here are some ideas about what else you can do

  • Phone any candidates who haven’t responded to your emails (particularly your lower house representatives), or even post on their facebook or twitter pages
  • Keep an eye out for candidate forums, commit to going, and let us know. It would be great to have questions about Palestine asked at all of them!  There are Palestine supporters going along to candidate forums in Wills and Gellibrand, who will wear t-shirts and Kufiyahs.
  • We have a candidate forum in Melbourne on the 13 June – Israel & Palestine: Adopting a just position. Could you come along? If not, could you help us promote it??
  • Request to meet your candidates. We have had people all around the country who are keen to do this, and we are suggesting people work together on this.  Let us know if you want to be put in touch with people in your area.
  • Share our campaign on facebook and twitter
  • Order some stickers and/or fliers to share with your community. Soon we’ll be asking for you to take photos of where you’ve put them!