Breaking the Silence

Sep 9, 2012

ABC Radio National

Tour documentary presented by Peter Slezak on the situation in the Palestinian Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza where he meets and converses with Palestinians and former Israeli soldiers.

By Peter Slezak & Cathy Peters
Presented by ABC Radio National

How are Palestinians living under the Occupation in the West Bank and Gaza?

Academic, writer and commentator Peter Slezak took a tour of the Palestinian Occupied Territories earlier this year and met with a range of Palestinians and Israelis including members of the Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence, who take tours around hotspots in the West Bank and Gaza.

His journey, as the son of holocaust survivors, was confronting and harrowing as he witnessed what this Occupation means in terms of the human rights abuses that occur routinely, and the annexation of Palestinian lands to large Israeli settlements and to the 700 km long Separation Wall.


Yehuda Shaul
Co-founder of Breaking the Silence, an Israeli NGO that gathers testimonies from ex IDF soldiers and takes
tours throughout the West Bank.
Gerard Horton
Lawyer with Defence for Children International, Palestine
Shawan Jabarin
Director of Al Haq, Human Rights NGO, Ramallah
Chris Gunness
UNRWA spokesperson

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