ACTION: Australia must call on Israel to stop attacking Palestinians

While UN bodies raise alarm about Israel’s attacks on civilian infrastructure, talking about collective punishment, war crimes and an exponential deterioration of the humanitarian situation that was already dire, Australia has refused to condemn Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinian people or call for an immediate ceasefire.

The thousands of bombs dropped on civilian populations, the complete blockade of the necessities of life, and the use of White Phosphorous are all clear violations of international law.

However while the Australian Government is calling on all parties to abide by the rules of war and to allow a humanitarian pause, the government has not condemned Israel for these actions. The Opposition has been even worse – criticising the Foreign Minister for even suggesting restraint by Israel. Peter Dutton went so far as to call for Pro-Palestinian protestors to be deported!

We can and must condemn Israeli actions.

Please write to your local political representatives, calling on them to condemn Israeli attacks on Palestinians and to see a ceasefire in Gaza.

Some of the destruction in Gaza, October 2023