Ken Stevens, Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party Senate candidate, New South Wales

Thank you for your passionate email about the Israel / Palestine situation.

We are a ‘Common Sense’ Party. Not Left or Right or Idealistic, just
Common Sense.

You will see on our web site ( that we are focused on
eight core policies in this election campaign.

It is important for us, a new and small party, to maintain this discipline
to get our message out as the election approaches.

We have been asked about our position on everything from Mabo to Palestine
to Immigration, etc, etc, etc.

We give the same response every time and hope that makes sense.

Our intention is to give all of our Members the opportunity to contribute
to the formation of our Party’s policies after the election, which will
range across all issues including the one that deeply concerns you.

It may well be that you will be very happy with that result. We are of
course, like you, concerned about this important issue but our Members
deserve the opportunity to make that ‘Common Sense’ decision as we move
forward and we will pay them that respect.

At this time, this is the best way can address your concern and I hope it
provides you with some comfort.


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