Leighton Thew, Christian Democrat candidate, Berowa

Thank you for your enquiry.

The policy of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) is based on the Word of God. Therefore, our stand with Israel is based on God’s inerrant and prophetic Word concerning His ancient, chosen people and the right to the land which was given to them in an everlasting Covenant.

Hence, CDP supports the State of Israel with Jerusalem as its undivided capital.

Further, Israel’s PM (Benjamin Netanyahu) has stated:  “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more war.  If Israel put down its weapons, there would be no more Israel.”

Please consider his statement carefully.   If I am elected to represent the Berowra electorate, then that statement also would be very significant in shaping my position on matters concerning Israel and Palestine.

Yours sincerely,
Leighton Thew


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