Linda Burney, ALP candidate, Barton

Thank you for writing to me about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

I can assure you that I support all genuine efforts to achieve a negotiated settlement between Israel and Palestine.

Sadly, however, the Turnbull Government has failed to provide clear leadership on this important international matter.

Labor supports a resolution of the conflict based on 1967 borders with an agreed time frame for land swaps. We support the demilitarisation of Palestinian territory, and will encourage an agreement to solve the Palestinian refugee issue.

We recognise that a lasting peace will require both a future State of Palestine to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist and the State of Israel to recognise the right of Palestine to exist.

I was very proud when at the 2016 NSW Labor conference it was decided that if there is no progress in the next round of the peace process, a Shorten Labor Government will discuss joining like-minded nations that have already recognised Palestine.

A future Shorten Labor Government will continue to recognise that settlement building by Israelis in the Occupied Territories is a roadblock to peace. Labor calls on Israel to cease all such settlement expansion.

Thank you for writing to me and for your advocacy.


Linda Burney
Federal Candidate for Barton

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