Local Groups

There are many wonderful grassroots groups working for Palestine here in Australia – it’s a great way to get involved. 

Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine

CJJP is a broad-based community organisation supporting a just peace for Palestinians. Our members are from many different ethnic and/or religious backgrounds. We work to educate and raise awareness of Palestinian issues in the wider Australian community and run campaigns which assist Palestinians in Palestine and in the Palestinian diaspora.

cjpp@coalitionforpalestine.org | Website

Australian Friends of Palestine Association

The Australian Friends of Palestine Association (AFOPA) is a not-for-profit community organisation based in South Autralia actively engaged in advocacy for a just peace between Palestine and Israel.

secretary@afopa.com.au | Website

Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine

AJPP undertakes programs and activities to educate and inform governments, non-government organisations and members of the public in Australia to advocate a just peace between Palestine and Israel which respects and observes international human rights and humanitarian law and all relevant resolutions of the United Nations.

| Website

Free Palestine Melbourne

We are a newly organised group of activists, advocates and community mobilisers – both Palestinian and non-Palestinian, who’ve come together to coordinate solidarity action and community awareness raising for a Free Palestine in Melbourne, Australia.

info@fpmelbourne.org | Website

Just Peace for Palestine

Just Peace logo

Just Peace for Palestine (JPP) is a sub-group of Just Peace Queensland Inc. JPP works to exchange information, promote dialogue, organize events and develop publications that seek to highlight the national and human rights of Palestinians. We support the rights and aspirations of Palestinians to justice according to international law.

JustPeaceQld@gmail.com | Website

Friends of Palestine Western Australia

FOPWA is a community of ordinary morally-minded Western Australians who stand up for the human rights of Palestinians. Meets 6.30pm first Monday of the month

info@fopwa.org | Website

Friends of Palestine Tasmania

Logo for Tasmanian Friends of Palestine

Friends of Palestine Tasmania aims to engage the Tasmanian people, their political representatives and organisations to: promote appreciation of Palestinian identity, heritage and culture; advocate for peace and justice in Palestine / Israel based on UN resolutions, and international and humanitarian law; advocate for the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people in a viable […]

tasfop@gmail.com | Website

Territorians for Palestine

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

Territorians for Palestine is a solidarity group for people in the Northern Territory (Australia) interested in supporting the people of Palestine and their ongoing human rights struggle for freedom and self-determination.

rharbridge@fastmail.fm | Website

Palestine Action Group Sydney

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

Palestine Action Group is a Sydney-based activist organisation committed to supporting Palestine and opposing Israeli Apartheid.

sydneypag@gmail.com | Website

Justice for Palestine Brisbane

logo for Justice for Palestine Brisbane

Justice for Palestine Brisbane is a community of people dedicated to building solidarity and support for the Palestinian struggle.

| Website

BDS Australia

Logo fo BDS Australia

BDS Australia is a peak body representing a coalition of pro-Palestine associations throughout Australia, dedicated to informing and raising awareness in the Australian community in support of a just peace for the Palestinian people. We do this primarily by organising and implementing Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) initiatives as part of a growing international peaceful and […]

contact@bdsaustralia.net.au | Website

Students for Palestine UNSW

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

Students for Justice in Palestine UNSW belongs to a growing national and global movement dedicated to campaigning for the rights and freedoms of Palestinians

sfpunsw@gmail.com | Website

Students for Palestine – Sydney University

Logo for Students for Palestine

We’re a group of students at Sydney Uni who are committed to campaigning for Palestinian liberation. We organise forums, film screenings and other events.

| Website

Solidarity for Palestine – Aboriginal Land

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

A coalition of Palestinian community representatives, groups and activists have formed a coalition to organise Palestine solidarity events in Melbourne. We believe it is important that Melbourne plays a role in the global solidarity movement.

| Website

Byron Friends of Palestine

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

Byron Friends of Palestine Byron and Mullumbimby where we dish out Free Falafels Free Palestine to the public. We also engage in political lobbying and have held a bannered protest at the office of our federal member, Justine Elliott.

| Website

Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer of Hope is an incorporated, not-for-profit and voluntary Palestinian community organisation, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining and celebrating Palestinian culture and heritage in Australia.

glimmerofhopesa@gmail.com | Website

Northern Beaches Committee for Palestine

Words "Northern Beaches Committee for Palestine" in swirls

Advocating for Justice and Peace in Palestine from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Coordinators of the Gaza Surf Project, raising funds to establish an accredited surf club along Australian lines at Gaza beach. Read more on the Gaza Surf Project.

rivers@bigpond.net.au | Website

Palestine Film Festival Australia

Log of the Palestinian Film Festival

The Palestinian Film Festival Australia is a national festival dedicated to building intercultural understanding and to promoting Palestinian life, art and culture in Australia.

info@palestinianfilmfestival.com.au | Website

Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network

Logo of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network

The Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network Inc (PIEN) is a network of Australian Christians and supporters, seeking lasting peace and justice for the people of Palestine and Israel. We work to achieve this peace with justice by: educating Australians on relevant human rights issues; seeking public policy change; combining theological discussion with practical action; and amplifying […]

contact@pien.org.au | Website

Palestine Fair Trade Australia

Palestine Fair Trade Australia logo

Palestine Fair Trade Australia (PFTA) is a registered charity and social enterprise established in 2015 and based in Sydney, but serving all Australia. We import a unique range of delicious fair trade and organic food products, organic soaps and artisanal handicrafts from Palestine, supporting Palestinian farming families and other producers battling dispossession and numerous restrictions […]

info@palestinefairtradeaustralia.org.au | Website

Olive Kids

Olvie Kids logo

Olive Kids is an Australian registered foundation that seeks to facilitate financial support, education & medical assistance to Palestinian children. Contact: info[at]olivekids.org.au

| Website

Friends of Hebron

Friends of Hebron logo

Raise money for vital community projects in the city of Hebron and surrounding areas and to work with other municipalities in Australia in building relationships and partnerships with Palestinian communities.

friendsofhebronsydney@gmail.com | Website

Independent Australian Jewish Voices

IAJV is concerned about the narrow range of opinion and fact that is available in the mainstream media on Israel/Palestine and also with the uncritical stance of the leadership of the organized Jewish community

contact@iajv.org | Website

Greens for Palestine

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

Greens4Palestine NSW is a Working Group of the Greens NSW and supports the rights and aspirations of Palestinians to justice according to international law.

| Website

Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Australia was formed in Sydney following the Israeli massacre of unarmed human rights activists on the first Freedom Flotilla.

freegazaaustralia@gmail.com | Website

Australian Jewish Democratic Society

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society was established in 1984, and since then we have been an active and vibrant community group taking action on social and environmental justice.

co@ajds.org.au | Website

Australians for Palestine

Australians for Palestine seeks to dispel the myths and disinformation about Palestine in Australia by actively engaging with the media, academic institutions, Federal and State Parliaments, governmental bodies, NGOs, and the community at large.

info@australiansforpalestine.com | Website

Australian Palestinian Professionals Association

APPA is a group of Australian-Palestinian professionals who are self- employed or employed in professional industries.

| Website


AUSPalestine represents Australian workers united for peace and justice for Palestine.

auspalestine@gmail.com | Website

Australian Partnerships in Education and Health


The aim is to support education and health services for Palestinians.

appeh.treasurer@gmail.com | Website

Jews Against the Occupation Australia

Jews Against the Occupation was formed in May 2003 to give a clear Jewish voice in support of the national and human rights of Palestinians and a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

jaoaustralia@gmail.com | Website

Palestinian Support Southern Highlands

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

Raising awareness of the ongoing injustices being perpetrated upon the Palestinian people by the illegal Israeli occupation.

palssh3@gmail.com | Website

Palestinian Community Association of Victoria

The Palestine Community Association of Victoria is an Australian registered organisation located in Melbourne, Victoria with a mission of engaging the Palestinian community with the wider Australian society while maintaining and promoting our Palestinian identity.

| Website

Canberra Palestinian Community

Logo for the Canberra Palestinian Community

Connecting the Canberra Palestinian and wider Arab community together. Helping new people settle into Canberra and welcoming them into the community.

| Website

The Palestinian Community of Western Australia

The Palestinian Community of Western Australia aims to: Promote strong social relationships amongst members of the Palestinian Community. Foster Palestinian community integration with the Australian society while maintaining the unique Palestinian heritage, values and sense-of-belonging. Improve the welfare of Australians that are of Palestinian background, and seek assistance from government and/or non-governmental bodies when required.

palcomwa@gmail.com | Website

The Australian Palestine Club

Crowd of people with someone holding Palstinian flag in the foreground

The Australian Palestinian facebook page aims to unite all Palestinians from all around Australia. We have formed this group as we have recognised the deteriorating Palestinian culture, and hope to keep hold of our cultural heritage which is a great part of who we are.

| Website

Curtin Palestinian Society

Photo of a Palestinain waving flag

At the Curtin Palestinian Society we aim to raise small olive seeds into strong trees with enriched cultural roots and branches that extend to all our peers. We’re all about preserving our rich culture and sharing it with you through our many lively events throughout the year such as workshops, sports and other interactive activities. […]

| Website

Sydney Staff for BDS

Photo of words Boycott Divesment, Sanction and Palestnian flag

Sydney Staff for BDS is a group of staff at the University of Sydney. We aim: to exert pressure on the University of Sydney to withdraw all institutional and financial support from Israeli academic and research institutions by implementing a boycott and divestment campaign similar to the one applied to South Africa in the apartheid […]

| Website

Australia Palestine Advocacy Network

APAN logo

APAN is a national coalition harnessing the passion of Australians for Palestinian human rights, justice and equality


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