Luke Simpkins MP, Liberal candidate, Cowan

Thank you for your email.

My position in the Israel/Palestine situation is simple: I support the right of both the Palestinian and Israeli people to live in peace and security within their own internationally recognised borders. I, alongside the Coalition government, believe that the best way to achieve this outcome is through a two-state solution finalised through consultation and negotiation. However, this can only be achieved when both parties will agree to negotiations without preconditions.

I remain a committed supporter of the Palestinian people and their desire and right to statehood. Australian aid is one way in which support for the Palestinian people can be demonstrated. In 2016-16, Australian aid (under a Coalition government) to Palestinian territories will total around $42.8 million. Our assistance will help strengthen Palestine through economic and social foundations, which can in turn provide jobs and services for its people to deliver prosperity to their state once again. This aid places Australia as the tenth largest bilateral donor globally to the Palestinian territories. This is testament to our commitment to the Palestinian cause.

I hope this settles your concerns. If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Luke Simpkins MP
Federal Member for Cowan


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