Media Release 13 November 2015

APAN Statement on Greens’ Recognition of Palestine

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network welcomes the Australian Greens’ decision to recognise the State of Palestine.

Noting that 136 states and two non-member states of the United Nations already recognise Palestine and that such a move would contribute to securing a negotiated two-state solution based on 1967 borders, the proposal to recognise Palestine was passed by consensus at the Greens’ National Conference last weekend. The proposal also included a rationale noting that the Greens’ “recognition of the State of Palestine would be welcomed by the majority of progressively minded Australians” and “provide the party with a clear point of differentiation between ourselves and the Liberal/National coalition and also the Labor Party.”

“It’s a very welcome development and I have no hesitation in endorsing the Greens’ principled and far-sighted decision,” said APAN’s President George Browning.

Browning agreed that the decision had clearly differentiated the Greens from the major parties on the issue of Palestine.

“The policy of the Australian government is frankly abysmal,” he said. “Officially it supports a two-state solution to the conflict, but it’s refusal to oppose or even acknowledge the illegality of Israeli settlements is actually encouraging Israel’s colonisation of the Occupied Territories.”

Browning noted that the ALP had made significant progress on Palestine at its July National Conference.

“Labor calls upon Israel to cease settlement expansion and calls for a resolution of the conflict based on 1967 borders. However, it fails to recognise Palestinian statehood; only signalling that it might do so if there is no progress ‘in the next round of the peace process’. Unfortunately, there is no ‘next round of the peace process’. Even the Obama Administration has given up on the peace process, so in effect Labor is dodging the issue.”

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