APAN calls on action following documentary on child abuse

Feb 11, 2014

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network has called on the Government to express opposition to the horrific treatment of Palestinian children as revealed on Four Corners last night.

“The appalling situation is not a passing aberration, as Israeli spokespersons and supporters have argued, but a direct product of the mentality which lies behind Israel’s illegal settlement programme and its continued occupation of Palestinian territory”. Bishop Browning said.

“The Australian Government should condemn not only this abuse of the human rights of the very young, but also to join the rest of the world in declaring the settlement programme for what it is – illegal”.

Today a condolence motion was passed for an Israeli former Prime Minister without any mention of the current or past atrocities committed against Palestinians.  “Rather than pursuing a policy of excusing Israeli excesses, the Australian Government needs to be a friend who can tell Israel when it should be moderating its behaviour”.

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network is a national coalition of organisations concerned about Palestine.  They have written to all of Cabinet members today.   Stone Cold Justice was a joint production of the ABC and The Australian and aired on the ABC last night.

Statement to Government here

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