APAN stands with Senator Payman in her principled vote for Palestine

Jun 26, 2024

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) stands firmly beside Labor Senator Fatima Payman in light of her courageous decision to cross the floor in support of a Greens motion recognising Palestine.

Senator Payman’s vote with Greens Senators and Independent Senators Lidia Thorpe and David Pocock in advocating for Palestinian recognition has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to justice.

Despite facing unwarranted criticism and threats, Senator Payman’s unwavering support for Palestine underscores the importance of elected representatives standing resolute in their convictions and authentically reflecting the voices and concerns of their communities.

Senator Payman’s action resonates deeply with Australians who uphold values of fairness, justice, and international law.

APAN urges other elected representatives to follow Senator Payman’s upstanding example and act in alignment with their conscience and Australia’s obligations under international law to take immediate and decisive measures to help end Israel’s genocide in Gaza. 

Quotes attributed to APAN President Nasser Mashni:

Senator Payman’s principled stance highlights the imperative of conscience and integrity in political leadership.

It also sets an example for all elected representatives to prioritise justice, human rights, and the self-determination of Palestinians.

Today we also thank the Greens for their steadfastness in bringing forward this motion, and Independent Senators Thorpe and Pocock for their unwavering commitment to humanity and to ending Israel’s genocide and the decades of injustice in Palestine.

We urge all elected representatives to let their consciences lead them and to amplify the community’s call for strong and immediate action to prevent genocide.