Israel must be condemned for its attacks on Gaza

Nov 15, 2012

Israel’s latest bombings of Gaza represent extrajudicial killings and attacks on civilians and must be condemned says the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network.

“Israel’s actions are not only a clear breach of international law, but can only inflame tensions” said the Rev Jim Barr “Australia must condemn Israel for this blatant act of aggression.

“Gaza is being crippled by Israel’s blockade which is into its sixth year, creating a humanitarian catastrophe. Coupled with Israel’s intransience in peace talks and expanding settlements means it is inevitable that tensions will rise”

In two weeks Palestine will ask the UN General Assembly to become a non-member state. In this context it is vital they have Australia’s support and we should join with the majority of the world vote yes to the resolution.

Israel’s bombings of Gaza has killed at least 17 people in recent weeks. The latest attacks have killed at least 10 people including 2 children.