Jul 14, 2014

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) strongly condemns Israel’s unprovoked and ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip and calls for the implementation of an immediate ceasefire.

Far from confining its attack to military targets, the Israeli military have attacked mosques, civilian homes and a refugee camp in violation of international law. The death toll is reported to be at least 170 people, including 30 children. About 1,230 people have been injured in the airstrikes.

Israeli lawmakers have further approved the call up of 40,000 Israeli army reservists, which may lead to a ground invasion within the next few days. Israel’s last ground invasion, Operation Cast Lead, resulted in 1,391 Palestinian deaths and 5,000 injured; with 13 Israelis also losing their lives. It is therefore imperative that the current assault be terminated before another such ground invasion is carried out.

APAN calls upon all Australians who support human rights to join in international protests against Israel’s attack on Gaza and calls upon the Australian government to act as a force for peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict by demanding an immediate ceasefire.