Australia must not follow Trump over a cliff on Jerusalem

Dec 6, 2017

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network condemns Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and calls on Julie Bishop to confirm Australia’s Embassy will stay in Tel Aviv.

Trump phoned Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas informing him, and will formally announce the decision on Wednesday (US time).

“Trumps announcement throws a match into the tinder-box of Palestinian frustration” said Bishop George Browning, President of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network “Trump’s decision is a unilateral move of interference that shows complete disregard for the foundations of peace negotiations”.

“The right-wing extremists have taken over Israel and the White House” continued Bishop Browning, “Australia must stay with the international consensus and keep our Embassy in Tel Aviv”.

In Australia Christian-Zionists and conservative Liberals such as Eric Abetz and Senator Patterson have been agitating for Australia to also move our Embassy to Jerusalem.

Israel took Jerusalem by force in 1967 and its continued military occupation of East Jerusalem is illegal and illegitimate.  Jerusalem being a shared capital of both Palestine and Israel has been a cornerstone of all negotiations, as the city is so central to both parties.

“Trumps announcement gives Israel a green light to take whatever it likes by force” continued Bishop Browning.  “What is holding back real peace is Israel thinking it can take whatever it likes and get away with it”.

“Polls consistently show Australians want our Government to actively support Palestinian independence” continued Bishop Browning, “Australia must unequivocally rule out any move of our Embassy”.