Palestinians Reject Worst Proposal in History of Peace Plans

Jan 20, 2020

Australia Palestine Advocacy Network condemns in the strongest terms Trump’s Middle East Plan as unashamedly biased towards Israeli interests. APAN believes there cannot be a just negotiated settlement when one party is entirely missing from the picture – as Palestinians were at the Press Conference today.

“It’s time to see past this theatre, and be crystal clear on one single thing: The Israeli state wants to grab as much Palestinian land as possible with as few Palestinian people as possible on it,” said Bishop George Browning, President of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network.

“This proposal represents the US backing the most extreme Israeli positions – permanently claiming much of the West Bank; limiting Palestinian sovereignty into the future, and denying Palestinian refugees their basic rights.”

“The Trump administration is trashing all the principles of international law that would allow for a just solution, and instead rewarding Israel for its unlawful and immoral practice of the occupation and control of Palestinians.”

30 years after the fall of South African apartheid, Trump and Netanyahu are now imposing their own version of an Apartheid Plan on Palestinians, twisting their arms and demanding that they participate in their own demise.

“Palestinians have no option but to reject this so-called peace plan. Palestinians cannot accept a swiss cheese map of the West Bank. The only solution is full equality and justice. Everything else is theatrics to distract from the reality of apartheid,” Bishop George Browning said.