Payne: take swift action over Israeli land theft

Jul 1, 2020

While scores of world leaders have opposed Israel’s unilateral annexation in the West Bank, The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network asks the Australian Foreign Minister why she has been ambivalent in her response.

“Marise Payne cannot mollycoddle Israel while it shows blatant disregard for international law. Israel must be held accountable. There is no room for mixed signals: the Australian government is either committed to a rules-based global order – or it is not,” said Bishop George Browning, APAN President.

“The Australian Government says it supports a two-state solution, but annexation will be fatal to a just peace, it formalises apartheid at the heart of Israeli identity,” continued Bishop George Browning.

“The Foreign Minister must make it clear that Australia supports the international rules-based order – and assert that there will be diplomatic consequences if the Israeli government proceeds to seize lands, farms, and homes of Palestinian families,” said Bishop Browning.

“Annexation of any territory is a direct and deliberate violation of Palestinian human rights. Israel’s move asserts that might is right. This is not a value Australia can embrace if it wishes its middle power status to be internationally respected. We have implemented sanctions on other countries that disregard international law, and we must do this with Israel.”

United Nations Chief, bipartisan political and religious leaders, and diplomats have all opposed annexation as a serious breach of international law. Human rights experts across the globe have called for accountability for Israel’s “21st century apartheid”.

“At a time where global justice movements are rising up in the face of racism, Israel’s act of aggression does not belong in 2020. Any viable solution must provide for the aspirations of both Palestinian and Jewish peoples and guarantee freedom, equality, and human rights for all,” said Bishop Browning.