Stop sabotaging peace for Palestine

Nov 22, 2011

A group representing Church leaders, former diplomats, unionists, Christian and Muslim Palestinians and Jews are in Canberra this week urging Parliament to back the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition in the UN.

Joining under the banner of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network, they cite this month’s Roy Morgan Poll showing a clear majority of Australians support Palestine’s request to be admitted as a UN State.

“Only 14%of Australians support Julia Gillard’s indication that Australia will vote NO to the bid,” said APAN president Rev Jim Barr.

The same poll shows widespread concern about the continued building of Israeli settlements and a growing recognition that the Australian Government’s policies favor Israel.

“The Australian Government’s blind support of Israel ignores their flagrant disregard of international law and continuing human rights abuses of Palestinians,” said Rev Barr.

“We can’t expect peace in the Middle East while Israel continues to build settlements on Palestinian land, builds a separation wall declared illegal by the International Court of Justice, and tightens the noose of control around Palestinian civilians.”


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